Han mai wahi hun….

moon girl
 Han mai wahi hun…
Jiski zaat ko khuda ne zeenat hai kaha
 Han mai wahi hun
Jiski paidaish ko khuda ne shohrat hai kaha
 Mere khuda ne mere kadmo k neeche hi to hai Jannat rakh di
Wahan ki har khushbu, har thandhak mere aanchal me bhar di
 Han mai wahi hun
Jise mere khuda ne “maa” k shabad se bada khub sajaya hai
 Han mai wahi hun
Jiski khidmat karna “baap” se jada mere haq me aaya hai
   dekh khud ko ,kitna kamjor tu hai ho gaya
Kaisi dardnaak gunaho me tu hai kho gaya
 Han mai wahi hun
Jise rab ne nahi,tune jinda hai jalaya
 Han mai wahi hun
Jise rab ne nahi, tune Banjar hai banaya
 Mere mohabbat bhare dil ko kamjor samajh liya tune
mere aansuno ko kya sochkar bebaak samajh liya tune
 Han mai wahi hun
Jo paida nahi tujhse, par meri hasti se paida tu hai hua
 Han mai wahi hun
Jise jarurat nahi teri, bina tere hi maine paida Hazrat Isa (Jesus)ko kiya
 Mujhe sirf naam k  mard kehlane wale insaan nahi chaiye
mehaj baap,shauhar,bhai,bete kehlane wale kirdaar nahi chaiye
Mujhe chaiye wo dil jisme meri hamesha izzat ho
Mujhe chaiye wo haath jisme sawarne ki chahat ho
  Han mai wahi hun
Jiske sang rasul khana banate aur sath khana khate the
Han mai wahi hun
Jiski hasti pe har lamha kurban mere rasul hote jate the
  Han mai wahi hun
Jise khuda ne apsara aur tune ek bhojh hai kaha
Han me wahi hun
Jise khuda ne amanat aur tune “aurat” hai kaha


English Translation

I am she…
The magnificence of beauty by my Lord
I am she…
The epitome of prosperity by my Lord
At my feet has He placed Paradise,
Every incense, every coolness of it filled in my embrace…
Yes, I am she..
Lofted high by my Lord in motherhood,
I am she..
Whom He has stationed even ahead of a father,
Do you not see yourself, so weak so staggered
Soaked in sins, lost astrayed
Yes I am she,
Whom you burn alive, not my Lord
I am she
Whom you make barren, not my Lord
The heart which beats with love for you, did you think it to be fragile
The tears that stream down, did you think it to be base
I am she
Who isn’t born from you but your existence is from me,
I am she,
Who needs not you, the one who gave birth to Jesus all alone
I don’t need a man just by name
Or merely roles to be filled as father, husband, brother, son
I want a man to hold respect in his heart for me forever
A man who would have a heart, a heart to grow better each day
Yes I am she
With whom Rusool (Prophet Muhammed saaw)would prepare and eat His meals,
I am she
The coolness of my Rusool’s (Prophet Muhammed saaw) eyes
I am she
Whom my Allah made a queen and you a burden
I am she
Whom Allah made an amanah (treasure) and you a women

18 thoughts on “Han mai wahi hun….

    • Hey arjita…thnks…never in life i had thought that i will be publishing my poems…bt ya here I’m doing it…feeling excited…hehhe….keep commenting as U knw its vry important to encourage a writer…..


  1. Assalamu alaikum….Jazakallah for reblogging it and praising my poem. This has really encouraged me to write more such poems….May Allah give me right words and strength to pour my emotions and thinking. I will try to translate my poems in english as well so it could be understood my other people as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Assalamu Alaikum…Jazakallah for praising it.Today I’m really feeling great about my opinion of start blogging and its great to see that it reaching out the right people and offcourse I’m also reaching out to good islamic blogs. Keep reading as there are many to come…


    • Hey don’t be pity I will be posting its translation soon…Actually I have just started blogging and before this i was not aware about the bloggers world i.e. how much far it could go…Now even I’m feeling the need of translating my poems in English…

      Liked by 1 person

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