Miracles of Allah swt in my life

miracle   I don’t know how to start with this topic because there are so many miracles of Allah swt which can’t be listed down in few words or pages….but will try…

Some miracles you see happening with you and some happens in your surroundings. Some are so small to notice but Yes definitely changes our life or our mood or our decisions.But we human being just tend to ignore them. We just keep on checking out for some big magic which we ourselves are not sure of.

I started enjoying my life more when I started noticing these small miracles Allahumdullilah. From past few years my life is going thru with so many ups and downs. There came time when I used to feel Oh Allah! I don’t have money how would I face it? In those times I just used to leave it on Allah swt with a prayer that “Please save me from debt burden.” And wont believe me friends…miracles happened.. without putting any extra efforts I have got money… like some relative visiting my house and in happiness gave money to me or in somewhere in my alimirah unexpectedly I got money..WOW…Yeah dats a wow feeling…he saves you. Once happened that I was depressed and really wanted to attend some Ijtema (islamic congregation) and after few days my sister gave me such address where women ijtema was going on…my sister was not knowing about my feelings but Yes Allah swt knew…and that was really a relief…

Oh friends there are so many which I want to share but will end up with this last one…I was searching for a good school for my daughter..Some schools were demanding too high donations some were not Islamic…I just prayed to Allah “You know my financial situtaions and my feelings as a mother that I want my child to be a good Muslimah. Please help me”. It just happened… I got to know about a Muslim school whose fee was exactly same to the money which I had saved for my daughter…Subhanallah…

It’s necessary to notice these miracles. It really helps us to out to come out from our depressing phases. It gives you happiness. And offcourse helps you to get closer to your God. I’m thankful that Allah swt gave me a chance to explore my love for Allah…So friends keep exploring….keep giving sadkah…and do believe on Allah swt…he listens every beat of your heart..


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