How the Bible was Lost

Islam: Message of Peace

Ibn Hazm (d 456 AH) said:

“As for the Christians, then there is no dispute among them or from other than them, that none believed in the Messiah (Jesus) while he was on earth except for one hundred and twenty people. And all those that believed in him used to conceal their faith in fear while he was on earth and after he was raised to the heavens.
They would invite others to his religion in secret, and no one openly called to his religion.
And no one openly practiced his religion, because all those caught doing so were executed.

They remained in this condition, not revealing their religion at all, and they had no safe haven to practice their religion for three hundred years after the Messiah Jesus was raised to the heavens. Peace be upon him.
During this time the Gospel (Injil) which was revealed by Allah was…

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Rutha hai jo rab use manun kaise

Rutha hai jo rab use manun kaise
Gunaho k daago ko main mitaun kaise
Kanpte hain haath, kanpte hain ye honth
Sajde me is sir ko ab main jhukaun kaise
Bekhauf duniya k bazaro me
ghum raha tha me
Dekh yahan ki ranginio ko
Khub jhum raha tha me
Par ab yahan ki raate
mujhe satati hain
Aur din bhi hai darata,
Sukoon na ghar me hai
Aur na bahar mujhe chain hai aata
Ab sochta hun, gunaho se bhare ye haath
Duao me uthaun kaise
Rutha hai jo rab use manun kaise
Kitna hai tu ghafur aur
tu kitna hai Rahim
Mere gunaho ko tune
Hamesha ek hijab de diya
Sabke saamne tu mujhe
Achha momin batata chala gaya
Mujhe mohlat hazaro di tune
Par mai tujhse palatta chala gaya
Ab sochta hun,waqt jo maine kho diya
Use wapas laun kaise
Rutha hai jo rab use manun kaise

To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

The past few days have been the most tensed days of my life. My mother is not keeping well. This has created lots of tension at my home. To get sick is a normal thing and part of one’s life but I don’t know why sometime it gives me wicked thinking

“What if I loose my mother”..Oh Allah I don’t want to think about it. Parents are like gems in our life. And Allah still I have to do so any things for her. Please keep her well.”

I just kept on praying but apart from dua there was also something else which was giving me strength:

 inna lilahi

Yes whenever some wicked thinking use to come, my heart started reminding me of these verses. I think this dua really gives you sabr (patience). I know sometimes it’s easy to say to have sabr but who have actually seen the loss of a dear one, only knows the actual pain. But friends do go back towards Allah swt and keep reminding yourself about these verses. Allah will help you (In sha Allah).

Do remember friends nothing is going to last forever except “Allah”. We have to fulfill all our responsibilities in a short span of time as you never know in next second what is going to happen. Now when we know that we all will be returned to Allah then why not fill our packets with good deeds, why to waste time in something materialistic. So let’s check what small things we could do:

  • Helping a poor in anyways as you never know tomorrow you will find them here or not.
  • Help your friends in getting out of any problem they are facing. It will give you immense happiness.
  • Do visit sick person and make dua for him. As you never know how much relief and satisfaction it can give it to them.
  • the best of all is taking care of your parents including your in laws. They need our love, attention, somebody to listen them.
  • And the last but not the least keep making dua as Dua is the weapon of a muslim. When thru dua you talk to all mighty it relaxes your soul.

I close this topic with this dua that “May Allah keep all of us in good health and give the power to use our health in good way i.e. in works which is liked by him and his Prophet Muhammed saaw. Also grant us with lots of sabr to face any problem in our lifes”… Ameen.


garibi mujhse milne ayi thi (a poor person had come to me….)

Aaj fir garibi
mujh se milne ayi thi
dekh mujhko
halka sa muskai thi
jaise koi ummid ho
jo sang lekar mere pas ayi thi
ajab si chhavi thi uski
Haari thaki si, ghabrai si
Kadi mehnat k sawle rang ko
Khud pe odhe hue
Pasine me koi chhupi kali ho
Par kuch gumsum si, murjhai si
Kehne lagi mujhse
Bhukh Bahut lagi hai
Kuch sukhi roti
aur sukhi bhaji bhi
mujhe chalegi
garmi bahut hai
bus kuch bunde thande pani
ki bhi mujhe chalegi
maine kaha
mere ghar kyun ayi hai
badi kothion aur
diggaj neta k ghar ja
maas machi se bhari tokariyan
aur rasile khan paan tujhe milenge
itna hi kehna tha ki
aansun uske lage dahadne
siskiyan jaise sare gamo ko
lagi ho ukhadne
kehne lagi Allah ne mujhe
thoda kamtar zarur banaya hai
par mujhe sahara dene ka
farz bhi to tum ko bataya hai
par sab mujhe apne dar se
dusro k dar fek dete ho
mujhe dekh apni aakhen
mund lete ho
deta to sabko Allah hi hai
par paiso k nashe me tum
garibo to tol dete ho
fir jab gamo ki chadar
mujh jaise ko ped par
latka deti hai
tum usko meri kamzori bata
mere jeevan ka mazak bana dete ho
yaad rakh hamesha rahega
nahi yahan dana pani tera
ek din tu bhi murjhaya sa,
thaka hua sa khud ko payega
meri hi tarah tujh ko bhi
safed kafan hi udhaya jayega
fir meri hi tarah tera bhi ghar
isi mitti me bana diya jayega….

Summary in English

(Today again a poor person had

Come to my home

As soon as he saw me He gave a smile

Some hopes were there in his smile

He was luking very tired and fearful

He was wearing that dusky color of hard work

Sweat was covering all his glow

He said to me , I’m feeling very hungry

Even dried chapatti and vegetable will also work

Its too hot, even few drops of cold water will also work

I replied Y u have come to me

Go to some rich person or some politician

They will give u meat and nice dishes to eat

As soon as I said these words

His tears started to shout at me

He said “I agree God has given me less than u

But don’t you know to help every poor person

Is an obligatory work on you

But nobody helps me out

Everyone sends me to some other door

You all just close your eyes whenever you see me

And all this ignorance led me to do suicide

But on that also you all laugh

Do remember this world is going to end one day

And one day you will also find yourself

As weak and tired like me

You will get the same what I will get when we die

People will give you same white colour cloth

What they will give it to me

And like me only

 you will get a house in this bare land only)


Sach kya ajab hai ye rishta tera mera


Sach kya ajab hai

ye rishta tera mera

Ki gaflat bhi tujh se

Fir mohabbat bhi tujh se

pal me nafrat bhi tujh se

Fir pal me chahat bhi tujh se


Meri subah ki roshni bhi tujh se

Meri raton ki chandni bhi tujhse

Mera roothna bhi tujhse

Fir bikhar kar sambhalna bhi tujhse


Teri aakhen hain mera ghar

Teri baahe hain mera aangan

Teri har khushi mera hai sarmaya

Tere har aasun mere gamo ka darpan

Mere dil ki har dhadkan bhi tujhse

Mere sharmohaya ka daman bhi tujhse

Mere kadamo ka behakna bhi tujhse

Meri sanso ka mehakna bhi tujhse


Sach kya ajab hai

ye rishta tera mera

Meri ruh ka sukoon bhi tujhse

Meri bechanio ka alam bhi tujhse

Is Duniya ki rahen bhi tujhse

Aur Jannat ki wadiyan bhi tujhse


Small Step…Big Results


It’s very true to say that a women takes rebirth when she becomes a mother. As she herself starts exploring and learning many things.After becoming mother I have become too conscious about my every move. Off course being a Muslim I have only one dream that my child becomes best Mumin. May Allah fulfill my dream.

With my daughter I found stories impacts her ….so I have become a story teller now 🙂  . Sometimes I pick up stories of sahaba, Prophets, character and working of prophet saaw wives. As she loves animals so sometimes I do include birds and animals in my stories and try to convey Allah messages thru it. Really in this whole process I too have learnt a lot as daily I dig books, blogs, and websites to learn something new. And WordPress blogs is really playing a vital role in this and I’m thankful to Allah swt for showing me such wonderful blogs.

Mostly small children get attracted towards doll and teddy bears and with the blessings of Allah swt thru story I have been succeeded in convincing my 3 year old daughter that how harmful these are as it won’t allow the sweet farishte (angel) to enter our home.  And yeppy she has understood but her demands for other toys has increased 😦 but until or unless she is doing things as per shariah I don’t have any issues. At present I’m in the process of teaching her Allah swt 99 names. I try to make her learn few of the names every day. And daily when I start something new I feel she would have forgotten earlier names but Allah swt surprises me every time…she remembers everything…Wow..Allah has given immense power to small children. May Allah swt reward us the same.

Now I’m trying to start with some craft work which will help her in culminating good habits in her…If any of you has ideas please share with me that what all I can do or make with her….I think these all are small step which we as a parent take up and yes Allah swt gives big results out of it.