To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

The past few days have been the most tensed days of my life. My mother is not keeping well. This has created lots of tension at my home. To get sick is a normal thing and part of one’s life but I don’t know why sometime it gives me wicked thinking

“What if I loose my mother”..Oh Allah I don’t want to think about it. Parents are like gems in our life. And Allah still I have to do so any things for her. Please keep her well.”

I just kept on praying but apart from dua there was also something else which was giving me strength:

 inna lilahi

Yes whenever some wicked thinking use to come, my heart started reminding me of these verses. I think this dua really gives you sabr (patience). I know sometimes it’s easy to say to have sabr but who have actually seen the loss of a dear one, only knows the actual pain. But friends do go back towards Allah swt and keep reminding yourself about these verses. Allah will help you (In sha Allah).

Do remember friends nothing is going to last forever except “Allah”. We have to fulfill all our responsibilities in a short span of time as you never know in next second what is going to happen. Now when we know that we all will be returned to Allah then why not fill our packets with good deeds, why to waste time in something materialistic. So let’s check what small things we could do:

  • Helping a poor in anyways as you never know tomorrow you will find them here or not.
  • Help your friends in getting out of any problem they are facing. It will give you immense happiness.
  • Do visit sick person and make dua for him. As you never know how much relief and satisfaction it can give it to them.
  • the best of all is taking care of your parents including your in laws. They need our love, attention, somebody to listen them.
  • And the last but not the least keep making dua as Dua is the weapon of a muslim. When thru dua you talk to all mighty it relaxes your soul.

I close this topic with this dua that “May Allah keep all of us in good health and give the power to use our health in good way i.e. in works which is liked by him and his Prophet Muhammed saaw. Also grant us with lots of sabr to face any problem in our lifes”… Ameen.


6 thoughts on “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

  1. So sad to know about your mom Illness, May Allah bless our mothers with Good health. In every act of God there is a wisdom, Never be despair in his mercy, if he is inflicting with the trails and troubles then he is just wanting to give you rewards. Strange is the case of a believer, in every thing happens to him/her is only good for him/her, if he is inflicted by pain or loss, his sins are forgiven, if he /she is granted good, he /she gets the opportunity to say Allhamdulillah.

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    • Assalamu alekum…Ameen to ur dua…and watever u said is very true…thru all this he gave us a chance to do her “khidmat” and offcourse an increase in our tasbeeh and dua. Allah is so merciful and loving that when we are ill he looks at us with so much of love. Subhanallah…So there is always a better side of everything.

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      • Walikum Salam , very true, and you know related to your post, i was once reading “Reclaim your Heart ” by yasmin Moghdad, and she said she always had wrong understanding of the ayat ” With every hard ship comes the relief ” she thought after every hardship there is comming a time of ease, and he explained how this is wrong understanding of the ayat. She said the ayat means when ever Allah will give you hardship he will give you things of ease to make your harship easy for u, he either will give you patience, or love, or strength along with the harships, or a hope to pass the harships.

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