Enlightening My Ramdhan


Such a beautiful month is going on…Yep its Ramdhan- the most blessed month in a year SubhanAllah. I’m grateful to my god for providing me this month again Allhumdulilah. But I don’t know why I’m not satisfied. No no this satisfaction is not related to this materialistic world, my family, my friends. Nope they are not capable of making me satisfied. Alas! I’m not satisfied with my prayers, my tasbih and my other ibadats.

I always feel there is more I can do. There is more I have to ask for. I have to shed more tears for my sins. I have to thank more to my almighty for providing me all the things which I was not capable of. Oh Allah! I really have to make this Ramdhan a better one.Who knows for next Ramdhan I will live or not :(.

Thus, to stop my brain as well as my heart from wandering and feeling unsatisfied all the time. I told them- stop for a moment :). Let’s list out what else you can do to purify yourselves and here it goes:

  1. Learn new surahs from Quran. So by this you will be making your heart, your brain, your tongue closer to the Quran In sha Allah.
  2. To learn more duas related to daily work e.g dua while clothing, while sleeping etc. This will help you to thanks Allah swt for each thing.
  3. Just don’t learn surah or dua. Try to memorize what it wants to say or message its conveying.
  4. Learn proper tajweed (pronunciation of Arabic word) and also to start learning Arabic language.
  5. Rather than just reciting Quran, try to understand it.
  6. To make a gift bag for poor people and give it to some families during this month.
  7. Add up more Sunnah in your daily life.
  8. Try not to check out websites for making different dishes rather listen Islamic thoughts of good speakers.
  9. As my memory is little weak 😦 so make up a word document having hadith and its meaning. Also include verses of Quran with its meaning.

Ahhh! list is looking nice but you know friend’s time is always a constraint in human life and same prob is with me. Allahumdulilah Allah has already helping me out in managing my time 🙂 . So by the will of Allah some of the task I have already strated Allahumdulilah and I’m really enjoying it. But some are still in pending status :(. May Allah keep my intentions pure and let me to complete pending work as well (Ameen).

Friends if your brain and heart is also drifting then you are most welcome to pick up some of the items from the above list :). Also share what else I could include. I end up this post with the dua that “May Allah helps all of us to make this Ramdhan a really prosperous one in all the ways i.e. starting from our behavior till our ibadat. Ameen”


8 thoughts on “Enlightening My Ramdhan

  1. Asalam Alaykum sister. Me too I never feel satisfied with what I am doing during Ramadhan, maybe it is a normal feeling so that we do more. I like the fact of learning duas related to daily life, as you said it will make us think of God in everything we do.

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    • Ohh really. You made my day. Thank u so much for the appreciation. Gift bag idea I got from Random Bytes blog. We do give clothes, money etc but never thought of giving all together to one person in a gift wrap or something like this form. I still have to implement it 😦


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