Lets define a best day…


How one should define a best day? I’m sure everyone will have a different answer. Some may point out to adventurous trip…someone will say relaxation…and the list is longgg.

Well if you will ask me that how would I define a best day….then my answer would be this- sitting calmly, relaxing your mind, no tensions surrounding you and thinking about the loved companion or surrounded by the same. I know many people would agree with my idea. But do you think in this ruthless world you can get peace anywhere. A place where you can give time only to yourself and come back fully satisfied. I will say “YES” …You can…No no you don’t have to think about any far away place…just a simple solution..devote yourself to your Almighty. Yes just devote your whole day to your almighty…talk, eat , offer prayers… everything you do as per his teachings…your soul will be satisfied, happy and relaxed.

I experienced the same when I attended 5 day ijtema (Muslim congregation) and those 5 days became the best days of my life. It was not only the ijtema…it was like teaching each and every member the routine of daily life as per Sunnah and Quran.

Apart from the lectures what I enjoyed most was- sharing my plates with other sisters…I enjoyed giving and taking bites of food from other sisters…I enjoyed offering namaz together…I enjoyed crying together…I enjoyed sharing mercy of Allah swt on me in front of others…I enjoyed the environment filled with simplicity…I enjoyed making dua together…I enjoyed even the hot weather in a small room…I enjoyed helping other sisters…Oh Allah I enjoyed each and every movement. Could you just think of a trip where you enjoyed so many things together?

Our ijtema used to start from 10 AM and used to finish before maghrib (i.e around 6 PM). After that we use to return to our home and again use to gather next day. So in this 10-6 adventurous trip we used to listen stories of sahaba’s, stories of Prophet Muhammed saaw, teachings of Quran and discussion over sweet love of Allah swt. We used to have food with our friends whom with love we say “Sisters in Ummah”. So our friend group was full of different age group sisters from different places and color. But we all use to sit together irrespective of our differences. Such a small gathering for Allah swt proves that he does not discriminate anybody, we create discrimination.

One more interesting thing I observed was that we used to have food once (i.e. lunch) and that too comparatively less than our routine days but we never use to feel hungry. Whereas at home I want something to eat after every 2 hrs…Hahaha. You know friends why? The answer is simple “the environment full of love because of the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (saaw)”. Sunnah like sharing of one plate with others and exchanging bites of food really use to make our tummy full. There was no need to have special food item. We use to have simple food…yet it tasted so delicious. We never took tea breaks because we never felt its need. There I felt how sahabas used to live without food or with minimum food or only on dates and chapatti Subhan Allah. Our group use to just starve for one thing “the dhikr of Allah”.

From that ijtema I learnt many beautiful things like “dhikr of Allah” is the food for angels…Wow. So whenever you talk about Allah, angels surround you. Isn’t this the best environment which we could dream of? One more thing they taught us that always use My Allah, the way you say for somebody you love like your husband, wife, father, mother…whose love you can’t share with anybody. Few more I have mentioned below:

  1. I learnt that it’s Sunnah to offer namaz after having your meal (i.e. lunch, dinner).
  2. I learnt to have little bit of salt before and after food. Some scholars say its mustahab i.e. not a good deed nor its a bad deed.So its not compulsory but scientifically also its good.
  3. When you are having your meal with group then have it in one plate. It increases love. For example within a family you can share your plate with your children/husband/ mother/father.
  4. Share bites of food between each other. It also increases love between Ummah.
  5. If you have completed your food then take permission from the person sitting at right side of you and then get up.
  6. It’s Sunnah to eat dates and chapatti.
  7. Its sunnah that after offering your Zuhr namaz take a small nap. Its called Qailula. (For more information check out this link-
  8. Its Sunnah to eat from what is (placed) in front of the eater.
  9. Also its sunnah to use three fingers in eating: (he (PBUH) used to eat using three fingers) narrated by Muslim. This is what he (PBUH) often did and this is better, except when necessary.

There are more teachings but will discuss those in some other posts In sha Allah. Its very true friends that when you are with pious people your brain and heart just wander between good things but once you are out in this hopeless world you just lose every charm of it. Same happened with me. Those 5 days had effected me a lot but after few months its charm evepourated somewhere in this materialistic world. Well as I’m writing this post its encouraging me to take up all Sunnah again and I pray to almighty Allah swt that it insipires you too…Ameen.  I end up this post with this dua that Allah blesses us with pious company and let us to make each our day as best day of our life… Ameen.



Before you go and join ISIS…


A short letter to potential recruits

Salam alaikum,

Peace be with you, whoever you are. You may be a young Muslim, anywhere between 18 to 30, most likely male. Perhaps you’re a convert, swept up in the religious zeal of your newfound faith. You’re angry at the injustice going on in the world. You’re distraught by the discrimination you face as a Muslim.

Regardless, you have been drawn into the ISIS war machine by their promise of adventure and the romance of restoring the glory of Islam. Maybe your bags are already packed and you’re ready to go.

But before you board your flight to Syria or Iraq or wherever, ask yourself this simple question:

Are they merciful?

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Ramadan 2015: Boycott Israeli Dates

Stand Up 4 Islam

boycott foa

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

During Ramadan and fasting, it’s Sunnah to break your fast with dates. However, there is a campaign to boycott certain dates because the manufacturers are either directly or indirectly responsible and supporting the illegal occupation of Palestine the oppression of the Palestinians. By buying their dates, you will be helping to continue the occupation of Muslim lands in Palestine.

I have copied the below article from the Friends of Al-Aqsa website:

This Ramadan, Don’t Break your Fast with an Israeli Date

Ramadan is a time of year when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  It  would be an affront if at such a time we helped support oppression

Every year, Israel exports millions of pounds worth of dates to the world, which many people unknowingly buy and use to break their fasts. These dates are grown in illegal settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley…

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Tera meri zindagi me yun ana (The way you have come in my life)

Check for the english translation below…:) 
tera meri zindagi me yun ana
Ittefaq to nahi hai
Mere dil ka tujh pe yun ana
Ittefaq to nahi hai
Maine nek humsafar tha manga
Tu meri duao ka asar hai
Maine mohabbat bhara dil tha manga
Tu meri chahat ka asar hai
Shayad kuch nekiyan ki ho maine
Ki mere aasun me rab ne tujh ko paya
likh diya naam sath me tere
Tohfa mere rab ka maine tujh me hai paya
Bus yahi tak nahi hai sath
Tera mera mere humdum
Use to hume Jannat me tha milana
Isliye diya sath tera duniya me mere humdum
Saath tera jo mil gaya hai
Deen ki raahen aasan ho gayi hain
Bus karti chalun nekiyan sath me tere
hamare milne ka maqsad bhi to yahi hai
tera meri zindagi me yun ana
Ittefaq to nahi hai
Mere dil ka tujh pe yun ana
Ittefaq to nahi hai



(The way you have come in my life

Its just cant be a coincidence

The way my heart feels for you

Its just cant be a coincidence


I had asked for a pious life partner

U r the result of my prayers

I had asked for a heart full of love

U r the result of my passion


May be I have done some good deeds

Because of that My God gave you to me

And then he wrote my name with you

U are like a gift given by My God to me


We are not made to be together

Just to stay in this world

He actually wants us to be together in the heaven

That’s why he gave u to me in this world


The time I have got your company

The path of my religion has become easy

Just want to keep doing good deeds with you

And that’s the final reason why we met


The way you have come in my life

Its just cant be a coincidence

The way my heart feels for you

Its just cant be a coincidence)




Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Life is full of amazing stories and small small miracles…Ya that’s what I believe. Every day is like a journey…sometimes you just end up in the same path and sometimes you get a chance to see something new from your almighty Allah swt…

Allah reveals its magic in different ways and same I found when my mother got ill. We had already changed so many doctors but were not getting any good results. Then one night it just ticked to us to give her “Aabe zamzam” so that she could get some relief…I know we would have given her Aabe zamzam much before but you know we all have started believing so called “doctors” so much that we just forget our creator Allah swt. I Hope that this will not be the case next time . After this we recited following dua:

dua +physical

Read this dua friend when you are in any physical pain. You will get relief In Sha Allah. I don’t know how much relief she got as she was not in the state to explain. But no doubt she would have got. But what amazed me more that the very next day we found a good doctor…Allahumdullilah….he got her x-ray out . He catched the right issue and started medicine as per that. Wow….just look at this friends that how the dua and Aabe zamzam created magic or in short I would say when you ask anything from Allah (it includes a small relief as well) he creates ways through doctor, friends etc…SubhanAllah. We just need to feel them.

From this whole incident I just want to convey one message – start feeling the presence of Al-Khaliq (The Creator) in each and every work.You will feel relax In sha Allah. The above incident is just a small snapshot from my life but I really like to share Allah’s miracle small or big with all the people …its like you are talking about the love showered on you by some dearest companion. Try to do it …it gives immense pleasure…Allahumdullilah…

I end up this with dua that “May Allah keep showering his blessings on each one of us and increase our hold on: