I’m confuse


Allah is full of mercy. No doubt about it. But still with every dhikr he has mentioned what reward we may get. Subhan Allah. Even it would have been enough for a beleiver to just know the dhikr he is bound to do. But my Allah showed him the fruits as well. Allahumdulilah. Everytime I recite any dua, dhikr or do any ibadah these rewards crosses my mind. I keep on telling same to my daughter- the beautiful jannah, the fairies, the fruits, the flying horse etc etc.

Recently on this topic there happened an argument between me and my hubby. As he was in favour that nothing should be done with the intention of getting reward or jannah. It is to be done to please Allah swt. I agree with him we need to do ibadah to please Him, to thank Him. But whats wrong if I ask my Allah swt for gift, for reward. After all He is the “Rabb”, one of the meanings which is “Giver of gifts”. And Allah swt himself mentions about reward and that’s what one is asking as I know He does not go against his promises. Offcourse my ibadah does not give me certificate or stamp of getting me reward until my creator accepts it and do mercy on me. But He has given me freedom to ask him our desires thru dua and we could ask his mercy thru the same. Subhan Allah.

Please help me out friends in knowing if thinking about rewards while praying or doing any ibadah is wrong or we both are on right direction.

I end up this post with this dua that “May Allah always show us the right path and accept our deeds”. Ameen


2 thoughts on “I’m confuse

  1. Of course we do it to please Allah, but He knew the kind of man He created. That’s why He created Jannah, because we love to be rewarded, too. When a person loves Allah, then he has excellent imaan, but there is no problem in thinking about Jannah. We have difficult lives here, and Allah told us about what we wished for, happiness and luxuries forever.
    It’s okay to tell your daughter about Jannah, I fantasize about Jannah, too. That’s how we reach Allah, too. When we see how ready He is to accept us and to spoil us, how much He loves us.
    He has mentioned Jannah again and again, but obviously without loving Allah, we can’t get Jannah, so I believe loving Allah and wishing for Jannah are relative desires, unless you have the highest degree of imaan and have completely immersed yourself in Him. But we haven’t done that, because we’re so stuck in this world too. So it’s okay to fantasize about Jannah instead of fantasizing about Prince charming like most girls do. We needed Jannah that’s why Allah mentioned it, otherwise He could’ve told us we had to only please Him and nothing more.
    I hope that made sense 🙂


    • Subhan Allah…nicely explained. Actually I was just thinking that why nobody giving me solution. People are only liking it whereas I need answer. And here Allah sends u with an answer. Jazakiallahu khair sis for telling me.


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