I’m concerned.


Nowadays we talk so much about politics, terrorism, security, etc that these topics are actually shadowing the basic issues which we are facing in our society. And among all, one thing which really annoys me is the fee to a tutor. I’m not talking about general or subjective tutions. Rather I’m more concerned about the fees which we pay to a tutor of “Quran”.

Friends I’m not aware about other countries but the trend in my country towards these teachers is really not so human. We are ready to pay thousands and thousands bucks to an English teacher, maths or science teacher but when it comes to the payment of a “Quran” tutor we start making excuses. Excuses like “Oh there should not be any fees for teaching Quran”, “Quran teacher should not ask for money” and if by chance Quran tutor openly ask his fees then we start using bad words for him  Astagfirullah.

I agree that there should not be any fees for teaching Quran. It’s obligatory on every Muslim to read and teach others. But for some people its there livelihood. Some Quran tutor struggles so much to take care of there family. They are forced to do two different kind of jobs to provide bread and butter to there family. Just because they know the kind of fees which we pay to him is not all sufficient. Friends we really need to put ourselves in there shoes and see the situation.  I strongly feel that insufficient income through Quran teaching is one of the reasons that parents or in fact children themselves don’t want to get an Islamic degree. I know it’s sad but that’s what our mentality is becoming. We are running more towards materialistic world and forgetting our deen. Let’s stop this tradition. If we are really want to make a change in our society let’s start supporting such great teachers, scholars. Let’s teach our children more about Quran. Let’s pray Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to increase our children as well as our knowledge in Quran. Let’s start helping each other in any ways and teach the same to our coming generation.

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Hey friends,myself Farheen Siddiqui, by profession I'm a Software Quality Analyst. Apart from my job I just love to try my hands on different hobbies. But writing poems, gazals, hamd and naat is my fav hobby. I hope that my emotions poured in poems etc will get connected somewhere with your emotions too and if it gets connected then do post your comment.

19 thoughts on “I’m concerned.

  1. Well on that im agree with you, We start questioning why should we pay money for a islamic event, or a Quran tutor, it should be free of cost, well if that so then every education should be free of cost, but no it isn’t. and Some people deserves to supported, because they don’t want to beg and they have their families to support to, and if some one just keep on teaching ur kids the Quran all day for free, then how will he make a living ?

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      1. and then there are some tutors who got so famous and rich, Like i remember one from my Home town, he was charging 500 rs back then i was in 1st grade, it was like modern 10k per month. Now in this way many other poor ones who can’t afford it lose the chance to teach their kids. there should be a balance in it.

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      2. Hmm…that’s also true. But I think these teachers are charging more because they have come to a conclusion that our society is ignoring them. If we will start appreciating there hard work and pay them good. In sha Allah they wont be going for such unaffordable demands. But ya this is also true that in every field we have good people as well as bad people. We all (including teachers) should remember that there are poor people as well who cant afford to pay anything. So to them Qur’an should be taught free of cost.

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  2. Exactly! Some people have the most pitiable conditions because of the fact that they only teach the Qur’an! It is such a sad situation. And for some reason people start complaining every time the Qari asks for money – the Qari is human too!
    Unfortunately that very money we lavishly spend on other education. We have to root out the evil we have within us.

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  3. Same here, my friend! I meant not in all regions. But,yes some people here would like to pay more for English, Science n Math teachers than Islamic teachers. The sad fact, teachers who teach Qur’an are paid with little money. (Alhamdulillah, I myself anyhow I teach in Islamic school, the fellow teachers n I get good paid. The headmaster n the parents so care to us) Agree with you, we should care to the people who teach Qur’an.

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  4. Rightly said sister. Here you raised one of the many issues related to teaching Islam and “its payment/fees”.

    The other day on the internet I saw people who were criticising a muslim who is the owner of a very popular islamic website, so he decided to make an app that people has to pay for. However many Muslims started to say “why should we pay ect…”

    As you said nowadays we throw money on materialistic things and refuse to pay when it comes to islamic education. But behind those apps, websites, lectures ect…. there are human beings who spent their time and put on so much efforts, so when they ask for their education tools to be paid, they are right in doing so.

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  5. Well, I didn’t know anout this situation in India, so thank you to informe me.
    It is ss sad to see that today the Quran is not so important to learn for some people while they put all their energy to learnt hings only useful in the dunya and totally useless to become closer ro Allah.
    May Allah help us to learn the Quran by heart and to teach His beautiful words to our children.


      1. Insha’Allah ya ukhty. I’m optimistic about that because nowadays we see young people more and more interested in Islam and wanting to change things alhamdoulillah 😉
        Ps: when I reffer to young people, it doesn’t mean I’m that old haha

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      2. yep sis you are right. Hey don’t forget we are the one who is going to guide next generation then how could we could reffered as old. hehehhe. We are like old is gold and offcourse you are included in that 🙂


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