Aurangzeb As He Was

Shake Your Conscience !


One of the strangest historical oddities is that the more popular a fact grows; its authenticity becomes still more doubtful.<em

Some events which have no truth at all get propagated and people believe in them, because they are told again and again. Those ‘facts’ remain immune from criticism and investigation.

Of all the Muslim rulers who ruled vast territories of India from 712 to 1857, probably no one has received as much condemnation from western and Hindu writers as Aurangzeb. He has been castigated as a religious Muslim who was anti-Hindu, who taxed them, who tried to convert them, who discriminated against them in awarding high administrative positions, and who interfered in their religious matters. This view has been heavily promoted in the government approved text books in schools and colleges across post-partition India, these are fabrications against one of the best rulers of India who was pious, scholarly, saintly, unbiased, liberal, magnanimous, tolerant, competent and far-sighted.

Fortunately, in recent years a few Hindu historians have come out in the open…

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Random thought from a working women diary…

Crying young woman

Sometime I really want to blast up. Why don’t you see how much I struggle? I don’t even take breakfast properly. It feels like I’m struggling with time. I don’t even enjoy rain nowdays because it comes when I’m on my way back to home and it makes hard to get an auto. No autos, I will reach home late then at what time I will start cooking. Oh feeling so hungry but there aint be anything at home to eat. The smell of parathas nearby is killing me because I can’t have it as I’m running out of time. What do you think is there a problem with this rain, time, with autos, with my office timing or my client calls. I think all are responsible as I had planned my day so well but nothing worked out.

But you seemed to be ignorant because you did not want to know the reason behind late dinner, behind waking me up late, behind not wanting to wash clothes, behind beating my child. I do feel guilty because I did not pack your lunch properly. I’m sorry that sometimes I pick up something easy to cook which may not taste great. I feel sad because I don’t cook anything special for our child. I don’t play with her. I don’t give attention to her studies.

No No I’m not telling you to take up all these responsibility. Nor I’m complaining or doubting your capabilities.Please I want you to understand that I need a helping hand. I just want you to take care of few things. Atleast you can pack your lunch or may be taking our daughter to her school bus stand. Is it such a big task? But please whatever you pick up take it as your responsibility and remember responsibility comes with the tag of forever. Even though I know that my words will go waste in few days. You will again be same and I will again be back in that depressing world, fighting with time, cursing rain and cursing this whole world because I know I’m not wrong. I had planned everything right.


I’m concerned Part II

quran-teacher-2Assalamu alaikum friends. Ahh posting after a long time. I know you all would be thinking that few days back only you cheked out my new post. Oh that I did because of “AWARD” thing and also for sisterhood love.Now todays post is more like an escape from my laziness. This laziness is killing me and taking me away from writting anything. But don’t worry I’m becoming a good reader of others blog. Afterall you all also need good reader. (Hehhee. Just joking).

Ok Jokes apart. Get into a serious mood. In one of my post I had discussed about how our society tends to ignore giving fees to Islamic teachers (I’m concern). Now that was only one part of the story. Another is more serious. Islamic teachers especially who take up the responsibility of teaching Quran don’t pay attention to tajweed (pronunciation) at all. There are very few teachers whom I have come across are actually telling there student that whats the right way to pronounce alphabet of Arabic. The saddest story has happened with me too. I’m ashamed in saying that I don’t know proper pronunciation of arbi and for this circumstances I blame my Quran sir. Because whatever he taught we thought that’s the right way. But to my goodness, at this stage of my life I have come to know that I actually read whole Quran in wrong way. May Allah accept my Quran ibadat.  I’m not here to discuss my short comings but wallahi I’m not only the case of such situation. There are so many people struggling with the same. I could pick up from my grandmother to my current generation. Not to mention Allah is going to judge everybody in aakhirat (judgement day). May Allah accept our good intentions.

Also such teachers are famous for their strictness. Some teachers take up the offensive way of teaching Quran i.e. “beating”.  They should understand that beating neither fills love nor fear in heart. It fills up hatred. Islam is full of love and its teacher’s responsibility to fill love in their student heart. Don’t forget that we all will be questioned for our responsibilities.

In my own family there are so many boys who stopped hifz of Quran (to learn whole Quran) because of this beating culture in madarssa (school where Islam is taught). Strictness is important but we need to understand its limit. Power does not make a person famous until we add good manners in it. Friends we really need to change our society. Let’s make coming generation free of this tajweed issue. Lets use technology like app, blogs, websites to learn proper tajweed and teach the same to your children, cousin, sister, mom, dad ect. Let’s make ourselves and our children a good teacher. Let’s help each other.

I end this post with this dua –“ May Allah make us firm in our deen path. May Allah opens his doors and accept our good deeds” . Ameen.


One Lovely Blog Award..

I have been nominated by wonderful blogger Sana for this award . Her blog is really inspiring. Thanks Sana for this platform where I got an opportunity to share about myself with my readers.
Here goes 7 facts about me:
  1. I look serious kinda girl but when it comes to laughing then believe me I could laugh on any joke. In fact sometimes I get out of control and my eyes become teary which really confuses people that whether I’m crying or laughing. 🙂
  2. I don’t like messy home so even if I find that bed-sheet in my house is not properly placed then my brain starts to irritate me. (Should I tell you one secret- this irritation started only after my marriage. Pre marriage I was the culprit in making my home dirty. Hehhee).
  3. I’m a damn romantic person. And I don’t believe in the concept of “Boys should only give surprises or initiate in proposing”. I really believe that it should be mutual. Happiness should not depend on anybody. If you want to be happy then go ahead and grab the opportunity.
  4. I like to watch cartoon. I can’t list out any favorites because I love all except those having too much of fighting.
  5. I’m crazy for checking out different types of recipe. Excuse me I’m talking about tasting not cooking 😉 Whenever I go out I try to order something new.
  6. I don’t like novels full of suspense. I could watch suspense movies but not the technical kind of where I have to use my brain. Movies means entertainment and if I have to use my brain then whats the use of movies 🙂
  7. I can’t stick to one thing especially in hobbies. I want to learn and enjoy every hobby but ya sports are an exceptional thing.
Now as per rule I have to nominate 7 bloggers. But I would like you all to participate in it. In sha allah you will enjoy it. You can post your points in comments or link up your new post.
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