I’m concerned Part II

quran-teacher-2Assalamu alaikum friends. Ahh posting after a long time. I know you all would be thinking that few days back only you cheked out my new post. Oh that I did because of “AWARD” thing and also for sisterhood love.Now todays post is more like an escape from my laziness. This laziness is killing me and taking me away from writting anything. But don’t worry I’m becoming a good reader of others blog. Afterall you all also need good reader. (Hehhee. Just joking).

Ok Jokes apart. Get into a serious mood. In one of my post I had discussed about how our society tends to ignore giving fees to Islamic teachers (I’m concern). Now that was only one part of the story. Another is more serious. Islamic teachers especially who take up the responsibility of teaching Quran don’t pay attention to tajweed (pronunciation) at all. There are very few teachers whom I have come across are actually telling there student that whats the right way to pronounce alphabet of Arabic. The saddest story has happened with me too. I’m ashamed in saying that I don’t know proper pronunciation of arbi and for this circumstances I blame my Quran sir. Because whatever he taught we thought that’s the right way. But to my goodness, at this stage of my life I have come to know that I actually read whole Quran in wrong way. May Allah accept my Quran ibadat.  I’m not here to discuss my short comings but wallahi I’m not only the case of such situation. There are so many people struggling with the same. I could pick up from my grandmother to my current generation. Not to mention Allah is going to judge everybody in aakhirat (judgement day). May Allah accept our good intentions.

Also such teachers are famous for their strictness. Some teachers take up the offensive way of teaching Quran i.e. “beating”.  They should understand that beating neither fills love nor fear in heart. It fills up hatred. Islam is full of love and its teacher’s responsibility to fill love in their student heart. Don’t forget that we all will be questioned for our responsibilities.

In my own family there are so many boys who stopped hifz of Quran (to learn whole Quran) because of this beating culture in madarssa (school where Islam is taught). Strictness is important but we need to understand its limit. Power does not make a person famous until we add good manners in it. Friends we really need to change our society. Let’s make coming generation free of this tajweed issue. Lets use technology like app, blogs, websites to learn proper tajweed and teach the same to your children, cousin, sister, mom, dad ect. Let’s make ourselves and our children a good teacher. Let’s help each other.

I end this post with this dua –“ May Allah make us firm in our deen path. May Allah opens his doors and accept our good deeds” . Ameen.

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Hey friends,myself Farheen Siddiqui, by profession I'm a Software Quality Analyst. Apart from my job I just love to try my hands on different hobbies. But writing poems, gazals, hamd and naat is my fav hobby. I hope that my emotions poured in poems etc will get connected somewhere with your emotions too and if it gets connected then do post your comment.

11 thoughts on “I’m concerned Part II

    1. MashaAllah. That’s should be the right way. Offcourse my post was not meant for all as I said I came across very few tutor giving importance to tajweed while teaching. Your mother is really an inspiration. Alhumdulillah. May Allah give more barakah in her teaching. Allahumma baraklaha.

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  1. Well Farheen I agree with you,its same with me, I am now learning again, starting from Arabic alphabets with exact pronunciation and sounds. I was ashamed to know that we even don’t know some basic sounds of arabic alphabets ,nobody ever taught me even my teachers, May Allah give them Janah ,theydidn’t know too so how can they teach us right,unfortunately they didnt have this opoortunity but we have; lets make most of it and spread this awareness.n thanks for the post!


    1. I agree with you on point that the teachers themselves dont know then how could they teach. I get annoyed when a well hafiz teachers do like this. My mother my grandma learnt Quran at home.So learnt in a way which was taught to there ancestors. But my teacher Alhumdulillah was a hifz. Anyways May Allah forgives our sin and show us right path. It’s never late to learn anything 🙂

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  2. Thank you for this post sister. As I said in the first part, I wasn’t aware at all of this situation in India. I hope new generations will change that. As you said, today we have all the tools to learn quran and tajweed by ourself so no excuses! Alhamdoulillah there are many apps & sites, but o course it is really difficult so we must be motivated. I didn’t go to a madrassah but my husband did and it’s the same here, they were beaten, but my husband actually liked it, he says it’s a good manner to learn fear and respect towards the quran. I totally disagree with him on that, but see, it is really really hard to change mentalities since many men in our community think that strengh and authority comes with beating. (Just to clarify, my husband doesn’t beat me haha I laugh but it’s not a funny subject of course.)
    May Allah help us and guide us!
    Thank you for sharing your concerns, i’m really curious about what’s happening in other countries, specially when it comes to my beautiful religion.
    May Allah bless you sister.

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    1. Ameen and Jazakillahu khair to you for your sweet dua.
      Ya i hope Allah helps our coming generation in clearing out this issue and also they start taking interest in learning Arabic language. In sha Allah. But as said in Quran that nothing could change if we ourselves don’t take actions to change it. So as per me, we as a parent really have a big responsibility. May Allah show us right path and give us strength to fulfill his commands.
      Beating thing is really scary sis 🙂 I think guys all over world are mischievous so they already know they would get beating. Lolll. Anyways it’s so nice that he learned in madrassa. It always feels nice to learn new things from hubby 🙂 (offcourse except beating 😉 )
      May Allah give barakah in your love and let each spouse to learn from each other. Ameen

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      1. Ameen wa iyaki! May Allah increase your love for each other and your love for Him.
        You’re right it is such a wonderful feeling to learn from hubby and that they learn from us as well, women are very good teachers, we are able to do so many things alhamdoulillah, I love being a woman 🙂
        Haha you made me laugh with this :”except beating”
        I totally agree, we have a big responsibility towards our children to teach them Qur’an, may Allah increase us in knowledge. As you said, Allah does not change a community if they don’t change themselves so insha’Allah more people will share your beautiful and positive message in order to change our attitude!
        Let’s make the Quran the spring of our hearts! Ya Allah j3al al Quran rabi3 qulubina!
        (It is so enriching to discuss with you sis, barak Allah feeki)

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