My thoughts on PARIS terrorist attack!!


behisab mohabbat…

Hey friends its time for something romantic…Hu La Laaaa 🙂 Its dedicated to all who are really waiting for their prince charming (or princess) to arrive. I hope you will enjoy the emotions.

marriage quote

Tujh se hi hai behisab mohabbat
Tujh se hi dil ki lagi kasak hai
Tu hi hai mere dil ka rehbar
Meri sanso ko sirf teri talab hai


Meri khoi khoi aakhon ne
Khawab tere hi bus hain dekhen
Tu raaton ki chandni hai
Tu subah ki roshni hai
Tu hi to hai mera sarmaya
Tu hi to mera falak hai


Tujhse mili nahi hun me ab tak
Par dhadkanen tujh ko hi pukarti hain
Tu mere khuda ka hai ek tohfa
Meri aarzu tujh ko niharti hain
Tujh se hi pura mera wajud hoga
Tujh se mera adha deen pura hoga..


Tujh se hai behisab mohabbat
Tujh se hi dil ki lagi kasak hai
Tu hi hai mere dil ka rehbar
Meri sanso ko sirf teri talab hai

My Village…A Natural luxury

Ahhhh from long time this topic is revolving round in my head. Alhumdullilah, finally I got time to pen it down.

Thinking about greenery, peace always fascinates us and if you live in a city then you will be well aware about this situation.

Traffic on the Second Ring Road near Chaoyangmen, Beijing China

Alhumdullilah I’m thankful to Allah that I have got my native place in some interiors of our country. In short it’s a small village where I get escape from all these crepy noises of city life.





It’s a place where I get to know that what exactly in hot summer, cool breeze from beautiful trees means. How it’s much more satisfactory than our AC rooms.

Even though area of my village home is 3 times than our city houses but we do enjoy sleeping at our open terrace in hot summer days and enjoy sipping tea there in winter season on sunny days.When you stand beneath the open sky watching those little star and getting lights only from moon, your heart really say “Off course I cant deny blessings of my lord”. It’s a place where “twinkle twinkle little star” rhyme actually feels like taking the real image.


My village is a place where I get to touch real water, rushing out from hand pumps. Yes, still we have it and I’m glad that we have that natural source. It’s amazing to see that how in winter hot water comes out from it and same gets opposite in summer season. Allahu Akbar.

It’s a place where I get indulge into a proper routine. Morning sun rays open our eyes and in night moon light let us sleep calmly.

Going to village feels like enjoying a family time, giving a spa treatment to your inner soul. In my teenage period I never enjoyed my village this much but now I really understand that how important a village means, culture means and family life means. I’m thankful to Allah that he has gifted me a place with no “Man made luxury” but with “Natural luxury”.

**Photo credits to Google. I had no plan for this post else i would have taken real pictures of my beautiful village. Next time In sha Allah 🙂 **