My Village…A Natural luxury

Ahhhh from long time this topic is revolving round in my head. Alhumdullilah, finally I got time to pen it down.

Thinking about greenery, peace always fascinates us and if you live in a city then you will be well aware about this situation.

Traffic on the Second Ring Road near Chaoyangmen, Beijing China

Alhumdullilah I’m thankful to Allah that I have got my native place in some interiors of our country. In short it’s a small village where I get escape from all these crepy noises of city life.





It’s a place where I get to know that what exactly in hot summer, cool breeze from beautiful trees means. How it’s much more satisfactory than our AC rooms.

Even though area of my village home is 3 times than our city houses but we do enjoy sleeping at our open terrace in hot summer days and enjoy sipping tea there in winter season on sunny days.When you stand beneath the open sky watching those little star and getting lights only from moon, your heart really say “Off course I cant deny blessings of my lord”. It’s a place where “twinkle twinkle little star” rhyme actually feels like taking the real image.


My village is a place where I get to touch real water, rushing out from hand pumps. Yes, still we have it and I’m glad that we have that natural source. It’s amazing to see that how in winter hot water comes out from it and same gets opposite in summer season. Allahu Akbar.

It’s a place where I get indulge into a proper routine. Morning sun rays open our eyes and in night moon light let us sleep calmly.

Going to village feels like enjoying a family time, giving a spa treatment to your inner soul. In my teenage period I never enjoyed my village this much but now I really understand that how important a village means, culture means and family life means. I’m thankful to Allah that he has gifted me a place with no “Man made luxury” but with “Natural luxury”.

**Photo credits to Google. I had no plan for this post else i would have taken real pictures of my beautiful village. Next time In sha Allah 🙂 **


19 thoughts on “My Village…A Natural luxury

  1. Aww great post! I love visiting villages too, but I love the city too 😂 I can’t decide which I like better, sometimes I prefer the quiet peacefulness of the countryside, sometimes I love driving through the bustling city with all its lights and life 🙂
    But the stars! Oh watching the stars is something quite impossible in the city now, so yes that’s a huge point for villages 😀

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    • Hehehe..I can understand your confusion. It was same with me until I started to do a job. Then got married tag and then followed with whole list of responsibility 😉 Alhumdulillah. Actually reality is we have become too used to with man made luxury that we can’t even think to livewithout it. But sometimes village is really a good escape 🙂 especially during marriage time. Its fun :)…

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    • I’m glad that you liked this post. Alhumdulillah. And Kashmir wow amazing..its one of the place which myself and my hubby want to see. we have just heard its charming beauty . Lucky you are that you hail from that place. Ya I know how it has been destroyed because of all politics and terrorists 😦 May Allah make everything easy for them.


  2. Ah, villages. Let me describe mine. It’s one where the horizon extends infinitely past the endless fields of paddy. Where the lotuses peek every morning from the seemingly ubiquitous ponds. Where the night sky is like a everlasting ceiling dotted with embroidered patterns. Ahh
    Did I go overboard? Lol

    Anyway, great post. Made me think a lot.

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  3. Dear Friend,
    this is a really nice blog, I also miss my village after reading this, I wish I could live there. I like your post. thanks for a stopover and liking my blog, and after this only I realized that such nice blog exists here.


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