Judging myself…


Allah has created everybody with different style, nature, color ect. Also Almighty has gifted us the ability to control our emotions, anger, nafs. Offcourse its up to us that how we handle these gifted assets. To be frank I’m very sensitive kind of person. If anyone criticizes me even on a very small topic/matter I become upset. Yeah offcourse I don’t show it to the person but it keeps on revolving in my head. I think not only I have this issue many of you would have faced it in one or the other time in your life.

I wanted to overcome this issue but I had no clue how? I wanted to do chillax on any disparage and wanted to move on. Alhumdulillah Allah answered my prayers and I realized it’s the only teachings of Allah which can solve it. I started visualizing each of my task as per permissibility given by Allah. Before getting into any argument I started thinking Is it worth doing it? Will Allah be happy or will punish me. The disparage which I’m getting from the other party is it worth taking up and wasting my precious time and brain behind it.

Ok lemme explain you with an example: It happens on some days that cooking does not come out perfect. So its obivious to get complaint from hubby, children, in laws and ect ect. They will forget that one day back you had prepared a delicious meal but will remember forever that you had done whats wrong on which day. Human nature 😦  I know it’s a small issue but things like this also used to disturb me. How, what, when things went wrong? Why did they say this…that to me? Fully frustrated 😦 finally not getting any answer. But now when I get such complaint I start asking myself. Will Allah gonna judge me on my cooking standards?. Will he ask why did you prepare bad food? Offcourse not. But ya if I indulge in argument and start cold war from my family members then yes he may judge me.  Allah loves us when we forgive people not when we get indulge in unnecessary talks. He loves those who prepare his dhikr nicely not food, whom perform sunnat nicely not bad arguments.

Subhan Allah it started to work. I started controlling my nafs, my anger by asking these simple questions . Ya I have not become perfectionist yet. Criticizing still affects me but not as badly as it used to be. In this whole process I have learnt that evey complaint is not bad as it brings you more closer to Allah and takes you away from Shaitaan.

I end this post with this dua that “May Allah gives us the patience and understanding of every test and situations”.


16 thoughts on “Judging myself…

  1. My Dear Sister Farheen, it is a beautiful post and every sensitive person can relate to it.. I have sensitivity issues too and it has taken many tolls on my health but what to do I am like that I try to externally control it as much as I can but doesn’t work always internally..Allah has created some people like the plant of ‘touch me not’, but that enable us to see very minor details about life and sense things ..We can take care of people in a special way and understand them. Whenever such situation arises it increase my Love for Allah that He forgive us all but duniya will not forgive you or forget your even little mistake.It strengthens my Imaan and I feel more grateful.and May Allah give you more ajar for things you overlook of your family and friends around you. Be like this always.. My love and prayers for you!!

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  2. This is an inspiring post. Criticism affects everyone. Some deal with it better than others, while some hide it better than others. Unfair criticism is the worst.
    Nevertheless, like you said, some things do not matter in the bigger scheme of things.

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