Yemen’s Nawal Al Maghafi Reminds World Of The Forgotten War

The Human Lens

Earlier this week, on The Human Lens I wrote about the horrifying war in Yemen and how the world’s indifference continues while civilians are being bombed and butchered by the war participants. Today I bring you a round-up of the latest events in the war-torn country by an award-winning journalist and filmmaker whose work has been featured across international media.

There are no words to describe this young woman; Nawal Al Maghafi and her courage, determination and resourcefulness in bringing to this world the news about a war that needs world attention.  In 2011, she had her first meeting with Ali Al Imad and the Houthi leaders in Sa’adah Yemen. Bravely, she traveled incognito with a 13-year old Houthi guide, complete with AK47, her filming equipment hidden beneath her traditional Yemeni clothing, gathering the testimonies of many families who had lost their relatives in the escalating conflict.

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