Vimy Ridge, Syria and War (short post)


It’s been 100 years since the great Canadian conquest of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Today it’s still a piece of national history and Canadian pride. Four Canadian divisions faced an uphill battle against German troops at Vimy. The goal was to push the German army back from a strategic position along the ridge. A four day offensive led to 3,598 dead, but a major strategic victory for the Allies. It also cemented Canada as a country of its own, rather than just another British colony.

A long time has passed since World War I. And yet, despite being called “The War to End All Wars”, nothing ended. If anything, it began a period human history where war became an ongoing machine, where the our goal was to develop more elaborate methods of killing each other.

As long as people will be around, there will be war. It’s a…

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A Message To Those Welcoming Missile Strikes in Syria

The Human Lens

The Human Lens condemns this latest act of evil and idiocy that has taken place in the already escalating Syrian war conflict. The USA has commenced missile strikes on Syrian soil deeming that dictator Bashar Assad has crossed a many too lines to let it be.

As a human rights defender I cannot stand in silence as spectators shower praise and applaud a rogue nation’s unconstitutional and unlawful attack on Syria. Let me be crystal clear, I have no doubt that Bashar Assad is a brutal dictator who has committed human rights crimes against his own nation and is also complicit to the use of chemical weapons.

But the latest US strikes on Syria are not a humanitarian mission from any perspective, regardless of the fact that Trump is painting them as the best thing he ordered for Syria. Let us not forget America’s great role in the many wars…

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