Are you also freaking out?

Quarantine, lockdown…some of the few words which 2020 made us to learn. Its only half way of this year and we are still confuse whether to be sad for our long gone freedom or celebrate to be happy by keeping ourselves at home.

Some people are quoting its a good way to know yourself some are valuing family time. Offcourse I’m also not less than others. I am too experiencing some freaking things:

  1. Amidst lockdown my hubby is stuck at his native town so frndzz… Do you know what it it means …Yes yes extra freedom. offcourse wives too get joy when husbands are not at home like the same way they get when wives are out.
  2. as I’m not tightened to make food ” on demand” of hubby.. my refrigerator is fully empty. Don’t get me wrong offcourse I do eat…shorts cuts in kitchen is what I love.
  3. being tied with work from home..I hardly hav time for myself. Work from home gives you ample of time with loved ones is a myth.
  4. Uff My home is in mess…but “who cares”. Noone dares to knock at my door when “coronavirus” is freely moving outside your door. Lollzz.
  5. Unexpectedly my daughter has started hating me..yes obviously no one likes to be disciplined. Along with me her freedom of doing “lots of mischieves” has been shortened to “miss achieve”…hehhe. At last someone fears me.

Share your lockdown funny experiences with me..I hope and pray that God will make us more discipline- less vampire of this nature, more human- less Dracula of each other, more helpful- less money suckers of poor. #stay home #  stay safe.

Published by farheen siddiqui

Hey friends,myself Farheen Siddiqui, by profession I'm a Software Quality Analyst. Apart from my job I just love to try my hands on different hobbies. But writing poems, gazals, hamd and naat is my fav hobby. I hope that my emotions poured in poems etc will get connected somewhere with your emotions too and if it gets connected then do post your comment.

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