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Hey friends, myself Farheen Siddiqui,  by profession I’m a Software Quality Analyst. Apart from my  job I just love to try my hands on different hobbies. But writing poems, gazals, hamd and naat is my fav hobby. I hope that my emotions poured in “khamosh dhadkanen” will get connected somewhere with your emotions too and if it gets connected then do post your comment.



22 thoughts on “About Me

    • Jazakallahu khair sister :)…I dont know whether you understand Hindi language or not so just want to share with you that in my most of the poems I’m trying to potray what Allah swt does for us….will try to translate my poems in English In sha Allah…hope that will help many people to understand my emotions.

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      • Asalam Alaykum sister. I don’t understand hindi although I know just a few expression only. I have many indian friends whom I met online, it started the time I got interested in India.

        What I can tell is I love hindi lyrics from some movies because it is so beautiful and of course I always look for translation or I ask my indian friends to translate.

        Last but not least even when hindi is translated in another language, the translation does not always do justice to the original words, that is what I have noticed 🙂


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