My Village…A Natural luxury

Ahhhh from long time this topic is revolving round in my head. Alhumdullilah, finally I got time to pen it down. Thinking about greenery, peace always fascinates us and if you live in a city then you will be well aware about this situation. Alhumdullilah I’m thankful to Allah that I have got my nativeContinue reading “My Village…A Natural luxury”

Mai insaan dhundta hun (I’m finding a human being)

mai apne andhero me teri roshni ka chirag dhundhta hun ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun   kahin goliyan hai chalti kahin dhamako ka hai dar kahin apno ki padi hain lashen kahin khud ko bachane ka hai dar in gardisho se bhari awazo me mere Allah maiContinue reading “Mai insaan dhundta hun (I’m finding a human being)”

Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Life is full of amazing stories and small small miracles…Ya that’s what I believe. Every day is like a journey…sometimes you just end up in the same path and sometimes you get a chance to see something new from your almighty Allah swt… Allah reveals its magic in different ways and same I found whenContinue reading “Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)”

To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

The past few days have been the most tensed days of my life. My mother is not keeping well. This has created lots of tension at my home. To get sick is a normal thing and part of one’s life but I don’t know why sometime it gives me wicked thinking “What if I looseContinue reading “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”

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