I’m proud of her.


Pregnancy time is so much joyful as well as painful period for any women. My pregnancy was more of painful experience especially last 3 months. In end of 7th month I got hospitalized twice because of my high acidity issue which had resulted in severe vomiting. Doctors were unable to stop it.My parents were busy in praying for my and my baby well being. Every time in hospital I used to keep on checking my baby’s movement. One day Dr told us that if my vomiting does not stop then they will be doing C-section. Then he smiled and looked at me and said “Soon you will be a proud mother”. Proud mother…after so much of painful nights how somebody could say they enjoyed pregnancy time, how I could feel proud. I don’t know what more I have to go thru. All the things sounded so frustrating.

Oh Allah I was so wrong and I realize this whenever I see my daughter’s adorable face. Alishba.. my daughter…gem of my life. As soon as I reach home she welcomes me with her beautiful smile as if she is meeting me for the first time. Subhan Allah. She holds me tightly when she finds me depressed or sad. She makes me smile…she warms me with her kisses. Sometimes I feel she is my mother J kissing me and giving me comfort. I think it’s a mutual feeling which Allah (swt) fills in every babies and mothers heart. As she is getting older I want to capture some of her funny talks in my memory like:

  • She says “kitchen” to chicken. 🙂  I don’t like correcting her because I know time will pass away fast and I will not listen such words again from her.
  • Nowadays she has made a new best friend “Keeper” who is a “Lazy Dog”. She loves animals…so in short keeper is just a new addition in her best friend list. I always do silent prayers for her that she may always love every creature of Allah swt.
  • She gets angry when she finds pics of my marriage and questions me Why I’m not here?..Hehehe. She always wants to accompany me anywhere anytime.
  • She will be 4 now but still wants me to tap her to make her sleep. By the way I too love to do that to her. It reminds me she is still my small doll.
  • Oh Ya her father cant even dare to touch me or even talk to me in her presence. Hahaa. She is a mummy’s gal 🙂 . May she always love me like this.

Well there are more to add on but there are proud movements as well which Allah swt has gifted me:

  • I adore her when quietly she listen stories of sahabas, prophets and remembers them. How nicely she tries to explain about heaven and about Hell and sometimes start giving lectures like some scholar. Hehee.
  • I love her when she relates every act to good and bad and then concludes it with heaven or hell act.
  • The way she hates Satan.
  • When she enjoys reciting name of Allah swt it fills me with tears.
  • While doing dhikr before sleeping, if I sleep because of tiredness. She wakes me up and tells me I forgot to recite dua. Masha Allah.
  • She already knows some of the daily dua and because of her I keep myself updated with all the dua and its meaning. Allahumdullilah.
  • It fills me with proud that what I’m learning and understanding at this age. She already knows in such a tender age. Allahumdullilah.

So friend’s pain at the time of pregnancy was a worth and Yes Dr was right “I’m a proud mother”. Subhan Allah. I’m indeed thankful to my almighty for all the things.

I end up this post with a dua that “May Allah keep showering his blessings on our children and make them pious. Whatever good they have learnt in their tender age may they remember and implement it in thru out their life. Also Allah gives every parents strength and knowledge so that they could make their children a good Ummah”. Ameen


Small Step…Big Results


It’s very true to say that a women takes rebirth when she becomes a mother. As she herself starts exploring and learning many things.After becoming mother I have become too conscious about my every move. Off course being a Muslim I have only one dream that my child becomes best Mumin. May Allah fulfill my dream.

With my daughter I found stories impacts her ….so I have become a story teller now 🙂  . Sometimes I pick up stories of sahaba, Prophets, character and working of prophet saaw wives. As she loves animals so sometimes I do include birds and animals in my stories and try to convey Allah messages thru it. Really in this whole process I too have learnt a lot as daily I dig books, blogs, and websites to learn something new. And WordPress blogs is really playing a vital role in this and I’m thankful to Allah swt for showing me such wonderful blogs.

Mostly small children get attracted towards doll and teddy bears and with the blessings of Allah swt thru story I have been succeeded in convincing my 3 year old daughter that how harmful these are as it won’t allow the sweet farishte (angel) to enter our home.  And yeppy she has understood but her demands for other toys has increased 😦 but until or unless she is doing things as per shariah I don’t have any issues. At present I’m in the process of teaching her Allah swt 99 names. I try to make her learn few of the names every day. And daily when I start something new I feel she would have forgotten earlier names but Allah swt surprises me every time…she remembers everything…Wow..Allah has given immense power to small children. May Allah swt reward us the same.

Now I’m trying to start with some craft work which will help her in culminating good habits in her…If any of you has ideas please share with me that what all I can do or make with her….I think these all are small step which we as a parent take up and yes Allah swt gives big results out of it.