IntifadaKashmir|Stand For Kashmir, Stand For Humanity

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
PalestineKashmir My heart quivers like a wounded sparrow, as I utter your three-syllabic name under my native breath In cold winter nights, when my sanctuary was invaded, your cities, burning, ascended to heavens Your lush olives and dreams when torn asunder, our apple orchards and maples—captive, howled too Beyond…

Yemen’s Nawal Al Maghafi Reminds World Of The Forgotten War

Originally posted on The Human Lens: Earlier this week, on The Human Lens I wrote about the horrifying war in Yemen and how the world’s indifference continues while civilians are being bombed and butchered by the war participants. Today I bring you a round-up of the latest events in the war-torn country by an…

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