Random thought from a working women diary…

Crying young woman

Sometime I really want to blast up. Why don’t you see how much I struggle? I don’t even take breakfast properly. It feels like I’m struggling with time. I don’t even enjoy rain nowdays because it comes when I’m on my way back to home and it makes hard to get an auto. No autos, I will reach home late then at what time I will start cooking. Oh feeling so hungry but there aint be anything at home to eat. The smell of parathas nearby is killing me because I can’t have it as I’m running out of time. What do you think is there a problem with this rain, time, with autos, with my office timing or my client calls. I think all are responsible as I had planned my day so well but nothing worked out.

But you seemed to be ignorant because you did not want to know the reason behind late dinner, behind waking me up late, behind not wanting to wash clothes, behind beating my child. I do feel guilty because I did not pack your lunch properly. I’m sorry that sometimes I pick up something easy to cook which may not taste great. I feel sad because I don’t cook anything special for our child. I don’t play with her. I don’t give attention to her studies.

No No I’m not telling you to take up all these responsibility. Nor I’m complaining or doubting your capabilities.Please I want you to understand that I need a helping hand. I just want you to take care of few things. Atleast you can pack your lunch or may be taking our daughter to her school bus stand. Is it such a big task? But please whatever you pick up take it as your responsibility and remember responsibility comes with the tag of forever. Even though I know that my words will go waste in few days. You will again be same and I will again be back in that depressing world, fighting with time, cursing rain and cursing this whole world because I know I’m not wrong. I had planned everything right.