Report- 2015’s U.S Bombings On Muslim Countries

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Recently I came across the work of Mr. Micah Zenko a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Mr. Zenko has extensive background of working with  Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, Brookings Institution Washington, DC, Congressional Research Service, and State Department’s Office of Policy Planning.

A fierce critic of American policies on wars, he recently documented the number of bombings the United States of American has dropped on other countries and as expected the figures are gruesome. According to his estimates, since Jan. 1, 2015, the U.S. has dropped around 23,144 bombs on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, all countries that are majority Muslim.

Here we see the charts provided by  the pro-State Department’s think-tank  that clearly highlight the level of destruction the U.S has leveled on other countries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a rogue nation like U.S.A has no qualms in going around justifying…

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Drugs! Are they worth it?

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IntifadaKashmir|Stand For Kashmir, Stand For Humanity

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My heart quivers like a wounded sparrow,
as I utter your three-syllabic name
under my native breath

In cold winter nights,
when my sanctuary was invaded,
your cities, burning, ascended to heavens

Your lush olives and dreams when torn asunder,
our apple orchards and maples—captive,
howled too

Beyond fortified towers of meaning,
an unintelligible stutter of longing
made borders porous,

Palestine, Kashmir

monozygotic twins of our
mother freedom,
rocking us in history’s cradle

As a four-year-old,
I learnt to sing you like a rhyme
in unison with my country’s name

My mother treasured your olives
a keepsake of the Blessed Land—
a relic I never touched.

How does one count yearning?
Decades, epochs,

What traverses when an hour passes,
or a minute-hand moves?
Metrology is laughable

but memory isn’t:
like of a child’s shoe, her only trace
found under the rubble of her bombed home


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Yemen’s Nawal Al Maghafi Reminds World Of The Forgotten War

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Earlier this week, on The Human Lens I wrote about the horrifying war in Yemen and how the world’s indifference continues while civilians are being bombed and butchered by the war participants. Today I bring you a round-up of the latest events in the war-torn country by an award-winning journalist and filmmaker whose work has been featured across international media.

There are no words to describe this young woman; Nawal Al Maghafi and her courage, determination and resourcefulness in bringing to this world the news about a war that needs world attention.  In 2011, she had her first meeting with Ali Al Imad and the Houthi leaders in Sa’adah Yemen. Bravely, she traveled incognito with a 13-year old Houthi guide, complete with AK47, her filming equipment hidden beneath her traditional Yemeni clothing, gathering the testimonies of many families who had lost their relatives in the escalating conflict.

Click on this…

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The Holy Women of Pakistan

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“But the practice, is frowned upon by almost all religious scholars and much of mainstream Islam, is generally practiced in secret,” says a local cleric. Further he adds, “Islamic rights on women’s share in property are very clear; but reflecting upon the issue of Quran marriages, it is appalling that in the 21st century such out-dated customs still prevail.”

The tradition of “Haq Bakshish” most common in province of Sindh, but also followed in Southern parts of Punjab province, is most often practiced by the feudal families, often `Syeds’. The Syeds consider themselves upper caste Muslims families are often reluctant to allow their women to marry into non-Syed families, in a kind of caste system that sees such families as being lower in status.

These Syeds claim to be the descendents of Muhammad and regard themselves are pure-blooded “Muslims”. That is if any such thing exists. There is…

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Fir sham dhali…

Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai


Tujhse bichde hue Barso hue
 par dil me ab bhi tu chhai hai


Tujh ko kya khabar kya hua hai mujhe
Jaise tuta parinda ho koi bina par k


Bol mai kaise udhun
Bol mai kahan chalun
Tune na di koi manzil hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai


Kyun tujh se koi me shikwa karun
Kyun apna haal bayan me karun


Tu dhokha hai sanam
Tu bewafa hai sanam
Tu hi to mera katil hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai..


Meri zindagi jaise, gam ka koi saaya ho
Behta hua pani ho jaise, na jiska koi kinara ho


Bus me behta chalun
Aur bikharta chalun
Jeene ki na khawahish hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai..

Zuban kholun bhi to…

Zuban kholun bhi to, bolun to main kya unko bolun
Log kehte hain, mehbub aakhon ki baten samajh jate hain


Wo paas rehkar bhi dur kyun itna lagta hai
use itna chahakar bhi, hum uski judai se bikhar jate hain


Meri wafa k ashk tapakne se pehle rok lena tum
armaan jo aasun me beh gaye wo kahan fir mil pate hain


Badi tawazzo se banata hai mera rab jodiyan sabki
Jo sang uski raah na chal paye, wo yahi miiti me mil jate hain


Dua bus itni hai ki, mera rab tujhe mera taqdeer bana de
Jo duao se mile humdum, wo Jannat me bhi bichad nahi pate hain


Here goes lots of thanks to Sana for nominating me for this challenge. Hey guys Sana has a very irreplaceable writing skill especially with part of  interpreting Quotes and her own daily chaos which she describes in comic way. But the best part of Sana is she owns a Cooking blog  too and Yes she posts such a yummy and easy to cook food there. I’m totally a fan of her foods. I have myself tried so many dishes from her blog. Do check out both of her blogs.

OK now the condition of this challenge is that I have to post only one of my favorite dish 😦 But please excuse me I’m gonna do cheating here. I will be choosing two dishes 😉

Even though I’m a muslim but not too crazy for non veg. My tummy says yumm yumm when it gets Paneerrr (cheese). So both my dishes contain paneer but lil bit different in taste. First is from Sana’s blog – “Paneer butter masala” (she had posted Chicken butter masala but I replaced chicken with paneer) 🙂  It’s a common dish in Indian restaurant but believe me it never tasted as good as Sana’s style. The sour taste of tomato, the saltiness of butter and smoothness of cream makes it so delicious. And offcourse kasuri methi (dried fenugreek) leaves for garnishing purpose actually fills your home with the great aroma. I don’t have its original pic as I hardly take photo of anything. Sorry Sana. Please magange with your pic 😉

paneer butter

Now second in list is Shahi Paneer. Oh man you get amazing shahi paneer in Delhi (India). I miss that taste in Mumbai where I’m residing right now. The way paneer melts in your mouth…oh I cant even express its feeling. I actually don’t know what all ingredients are put by the Delhittes in this marvelous dish. But my problem has really been solved by Everest Shahi Paneer masala 🙂  A ready masala for this dish. So I just have to put up some onion and tomato rest is done by this masala. Huu Thanks to Everest company. I just love to have Shahi Paneer with Butter nan (Nan- A type of chapati). I know too much of fat at a time. But who cares when Shahi Paneer is there 😉

shahi paneer

Actaully both the dish have common ingredients but yet different in taste. Subhan Allah. Just see the blessing of Allah. How he changes whole taste, color, etc just because of few variations. Alhumdulillah. So guys anyone visting Delhi…do try Shahi paneer specially in Dhabas (local hotel) and anyone wanna aroma in there kitchen as well as praises from your family members then copy Sana dish from this link

Now the nominees for this challenge are:









  1. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  2. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favourite food(so He/She can also give it a try if they like. 🙂 )
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.
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