Learnt from my mistake


Yesterday I was just back in the memories of my newly married life. When along with the love and pampering of your hubby and in laws comes the big responsibility of taking care of all of them. Talking humbly, taking care when to laugh when not to laugh, not back answering, not to mind any comments etc etc. I know all these qualities should be there in a human being if he really wants to be a human 🙂  But unfortunately we as human are so weak 😦

After spending a month with my in laws in their village I shifted to city life again with my hubby along with my younger sister in law. Off course that 1 month with my new family was really cherishable. Allahumdullilah. Allah really filled my heart with their love and affection. No doubt He had given me the kind of family what I had dream of. But life in the city was waiting for more responsibilities so I had to leave them.

My hubby picked us from station, dropped us at home and went back to office. My new apartment had just got painted and was in a mess. So to clean up the paint marks on the floor was a first and big task. After doing whole washing, cleaning of floor it was already time for lunch. It was my first encounter of making lunch for my new family. Awww. I was little scared seriously. Cooking stuff for your own mom and siblings is a different task. You can ask your mom about the quantity of spices you have to put. How much rice needs to be cooked. But here I was the eldest one. Subhan Allah. I was confused what to cook how much to cook. I felt like crying. But you can’t do that as well. Allahu Akbar. So to avoid all confusion I picked up best vegetable which can be used anywhere- potatoes. And cooked potatoes, rice and pulse. But unfortunately came to know my hubby is not fond of “Potatoes”. So I felt failed 😦 . But he had no choice except having it in lunch 🙂 .

Now same day I got one more attack. My hubby declared that in night one of his friend is coming down from Saudi and is going to come for dinner. I checked the kitchen no grinder, no fridge nothing was there. As we had just arrived we were still needed time to start our new life. But now after announcement there was no time for such thoughts. I thought of making chicken but I had no idea what to do if there is no grind-ed onion is present. Also I was confused that ½ kg of chicken is enough for preparing chicken curry and chicken fry both. I did not want to make my mother tensed because of my tense condition so I did not call her up to get clarification on my doubt. Off course not to mention Smartphones were not there at that time so can’t check recipe on net. In the name of Allah I started cooking and kept on cooking such easy stuff for so long. Allahu Akbar and kept on reciting this tasbih “ Ya Allahu, Ya rehmano Ya rahimo” and kept on praying “Oh Allah I don’t know how this gonna taste but please put some flavors in my guest mouth. Please don’t make me or my hubby to feel shame”. At last I served the dinner and hid in one room.

Wonder what happened next. I got compliment from my guest. Wow. But in reality it did not taste any good. But with Allah nothing is impossible. Subhan Allah. Do I tell you a secret? Mu hubby did not like it as well. Hehee. So after two days he took the responsibility to teach me how to cook good chicken. And I just loved his style. Anyways that was it. Really. Nope. Memories are not there to forget. Its there to learn, to smile back. Isn’t it? Yes. Whenever I think about those days a smile comes along with the lessons I leanrt that what could make a pathetic food. Heehee. There are other memories which helped me to become a better person. Allahumdullilah. Allah taught me to be patient, caring and humble with my husband’s family. Still I get tense in the kitchen but there is one tasbih which keeps me motivating “ Ya Allahu, Ya rehmano Ya rahimo”. I don’t know why but this tasbih automatically starts coming from my mouth when I’m in the kitchen. May be because I solely trust my Al mighty potential of delivering the best and off course He is the most kind, most merciful.

So I end up this post with this dua that “May Allah gives us the potential to learn from our mistakes and to stand up again after any failure”.


Ops! Am I really blogging?


Ops! Am I really blogging?

Yeah friends whenever I put up any post and it shows published I just wonder really “Am I a blogger now?” Well never ever in life I had thought that I will be doing some blogging stuff. I don’t know why but it has really been not so interesting topic for me but now when I have started it… I just love it 🙂

Sometimes in life you don’t know your hidden talents and sometimes you know but you just want to keep it a secret and that’s what my case was. Blogging my poems etc.  came to me forcefully by one of my closet friend who wanted me to start with FB fan page and due to some issues with FB I started this blog without knowing that how far it could go and what kind of reviews I could get. Thanks to you all who really encouraged me to go ahead with it and explore unlimited emotions inside me and my surroundings.

Well friends I’m  a person who just love to try hands on different things like painting, sketching, travelling, cooking, poetry, reading….and mind it there could be many more in this list who knows what Allah (swt) has thought for you. And believe me all these things I have explored with the grace of Allah…unknowingly… liking something, fearing in trying out , started to learn and then “Yeppy I did it”..heheh…Yeah I’m not perfect in any of the task but I could switch to anyone of these as per my mood.

So friends never measure yourself as unimportant. Because how Allah has made your destiny you don’t know but just don’t sit quiet, keep on experimenting. It’s not important to show this to world that what you can do as Allah swt is there to measure it. I pray that May Allah gives us success on the path which is liked by him and his messanger Prophet (saaw). I liked some beautiful lines in one of the blog…just pasted them below as it perfectly shows my emotions:

“Thank you Allah for everything you gave me, for everything you didn’t give me, for everything you protected me from- that which I know and that which I’m not even aware of, thank you for blessings that I didn’t even realize were blessings, thank you from guidance when I felt like I was slipping, and thank you for every thing else because no matter how many things I try to list, at the end of the day, I can’t even come close to thanking you enough….Alhamdulillah. !!

Do share your stories of such unexpected things….

Khuda Haffiz for now and Jazakallahu khair for reading it..

**I’m not a very good writer but yeah trying to be.So please ignore my mistakes and let me know where I could improve”** 🙂