To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return

The past few days have been the most tensed days of my life. My mother is not keeping well. This has created lots of tension at my home. To get sick is a normal thing and part of one’s life but I don’t know why sometime it gives me wicked thinking “What if I looseContinue reading “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”

beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni

Ya Allah… beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni Mohabbat se bhari baaten kitni Tujhe jo chahe fir chahe kyun kuch aur Beshak tere ishq me hai barkat itni…   Tune kaha kar mere bando se mohabbat Garibo ki madad karna, bana apni tu aadat ho agar koi bimar,to usse tu milna har chhoti cheez meContinue reading “beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni”

A sorry to “Mother”

No one can deny the fact that in this universe many things keeps on changing but what does not change is the unconditional love of our parents Subhanallah and among them also love of mother is the most prominent one. What a beautiful heart my Allah has created for mother …Subhanallah… Off course no oneContinue reading “A sorry to “Mother””

tere ane se mera bachpan laut aya hai

tere ane se mera bachpan  laut aya hai wo barish ka pani, wo khilonon ka aangan laut aya hai…   berang duniya me meri yaaden gum thi kahin tere ane se chand ka jagmana taro ka timtimana laut aya hai fulon ki hasin vaadiyan chidiyo ka chehchana laut aya hai…   kaise pal me ruthe, kaiseContinue reading “tere ane se mera bachpan laut aya hai”

A poem on Nepal incident….

ya rab mujhko de de apni rehmato k saye mehfuz mujhko kar de, khada hun sir jhukaye   kal zalzala jo aya dil mera machal raha tha sab bhagte the besudh aakhon k aage andhera chaa raha tha   kisi ko kisi ki khabar nahi thi bus chikhein hans rahi thi sab ki nazre uthti thiContinue reading “A poem on Nepal incident….”

Ops! Am I really blogging?

Ops! Am I really blogging? Yeah friends whenever I put up any post and it shows published I just wonder really “Am I a blogger now?” Well never ever in life I had thought that I will be doing some blogging stuff. I don’t know why but it has really been not so interesting topicContinue reading “Ops! Am I really blogging?”

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