I’m concerned Part II

Assalamu alaikum friends. Ahh posting after a long time. I know you all would be thinking that few days back only you cheked out my new post. Oh that I did because of “AWARD” thing and also for sisterhood love.Now todays post is more like an escape from my laziness. This laziness is killing meContinue reading “I’m concerned Part II”

Mai insaan dhundta hun (I’m finding a human being)

mai apne andhero me teri roshni ka chirag dhundhta hun ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun   kahin goliyan hai chalti kahin dhamako ka hai dar kahin apno ki padi hain lashen kahin khud ko bachane ka hai dar in gardisho se bhari awazo me mere Allah maiContinue reading “Mai insaan dhundta hun (I’m finding a human being)”

I’m concerned.

Nowadays we talk so much about politics, terrorism, security, etc that these topics are actually shadowing the basic issues which we are facing in our society. And among all, one thing which really annoys me is the fee to a tutor. I’m not talking about general or subjective tutions. Rather I’m more concerned about theContinue reading “I’m concerned.”

Ye Abu Bakr ho tum al-siddiq…

It’s really so emotional to read anything related to sahabas (companions of Muhammed saw). I totally get emotional. This poem of mine is a small tribute to Hazarat Abu Bakr (r.a). What a great man he was. I know my words can’t explain his devotion but still a small try.   Meri aakhen ab namContinue reading “Ye Abu Bakr ho tum al-siddiq…”

3 Days-3 Quotes challenge (day 3)

Today is the final day for 3 Days-3 Quotes challenge and here goes my post:   For today my nominees are: identity17 nalaik panda mehmeek Here are the rules for this challenge: 1) Thank the person who nominated you. 2) Post a quote each day for 3 days. 3) Each day nominate 3 new bloggers to takeContinue reading “3 Days-3 Quotes challenge (day 3)”

Ramdhan Mubarak (Happy Ramdhan)

(Check for the English translation below. I’m not good in English rhyme, just tried to write so please bear with me :). My main intention is to let everybody get my message written in my poetry.)   Kya khushnama bahara hai Ummido se bhara dil hamara hai Chalo ae momin rab ki janib Ki ramdhanContinue reading “Ramdhan Mubarak (Happy Ramdhan)”

Naummidi kufr hai (To be despair is a sin)

Koi ummid koi sahara nazar nahi ata Duniya k is khel me koi humsaya nazar nahi ata Bus naummidi ka ek andhera sa chhaya hai Aur is tanhai me koi sahara nazar nahi ata   Par jab bhi ye alfaz gunjte hain kano me mere Dil jor se chikh chikh chillata hai Naummidi kufr haiContinue reading “Naummidi kufr hai (To be despair is a sin)”

The Free Style Writing Challenge!

I have been nominated for a very interesting writing challenge “The Free Style Writing” by a wonderful blogger the indian reverted muslimah . I just love her blog. It’s beautiful and inspiring. The concept of free style writing revolves around the central idea of putting down words that may or may not relate to a particularContinue reading “The Free Style Writing Challenge!”

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