3 Days–3 Quotes – Day 1

I was nominated for the “3 Days – 3 Quotes” challenge by Fateema who owns a beautiful blog with name “Journal of a muslima“.  Thank you so much sister for inviting me .

Here are the rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post a quote each day for 3 days.
3) Each day nominate 3 new bloggers to take part.

Here goes my quote:



I really follow the above funda in my life. Life becomes happy and easy when we start focusing on small small things rather than running behind big and virtual dreams 🙂  Below are my nominations:


Ankit Mishra

A growing Muslima



Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Life is full of amazing stories and small small miracles…Ya that’s what I believe. Every day is like a journey…sometimes you just end up in the same path and sometimes you get a chance to see something new from your almighty Allah swt…

Allah reveals its magic in different ways and same I found when my mother got ill. We had already changed so many doctors but were not getting any good results. Then one night it just ticked to us to give her “Aabe zamzam” so that she could get some relief…I know we would have given her Aabe zamzam much before but you know we all have started believing so called “doctors” so much that we just forget our creator Allah swt. I Hope that this will not be the case next time . After this we recited following dua:

dua +physical

Read this dua friend when you are in any physical pain. You will get relief In Sha Allah. I don’t know how much relief she got as she was not in the state to explain. But no doubt she would have got. But what amazed me more that the very next day we found a good doctor…Allahumdullilah….he got her x-ray out . He catched the right issue and started medicine as per that. Wow….just look at this friends that how the dua and Aabe zamzam created magic or in short I would say when you ask anything from Allah (it includes a small relief as well) he creates ways through doctor, friends etc…SubhanAllah. We just need to feel them.

From this whole incident I just want to convey one message – start feeling the presence of Al-Khaliq (The Creator) in each and every work.You will feel relax In sha Allah. The above incident is just a small snapshot from my life but I really like to share Allah’s miracle small or big with all the people …its like you are talking about the love showered on you by some dearest companion. Try to do it …it gives immense pleasure…Allahumdullilah…

I end up this with dua that “May Allah keep showering his blessings on each one of us and increase our hold on:






Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai


Ajab dastur hai duniya ka mere yaro..
Kisi ko khushi milti hai kisi ko gum milta hai
Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai
Mehendi pisti hai to haatho ko lal karti hai
Bati jal jal kar hi to diye ko roshan karti hai
Kahin tujhe pisna bhi padega
Kahin tujhe jalna bhi padega
Kuch kho k hi kuch pane ka maza milta hai
Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai
Darkht k har shaq pe sunhare fal nahi falte hain
Phool ki har kali se haseen bagh nahi bante hain
Kabhi kam me rehna bhi padega
Kabhi gum me hasna bhi padega
Kuch samjhote se hi zindagi me ras ghulta hai
Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai
Kabhi tez aandhio se bade bade ped tut jate hain
Kabhi suraj ki roshni se sunhare patte sukh jate hain
Tujhe gir kar uthna bhi padega
Tujhe sukh kar sambhalna bhi padega
Ummid rakhne se hi zindagi ka maza milta hai
Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai