Are you also freaking out?

Quarantine, lockdown…some of the few words which 2020 made us to learn. Its only half way of this year and we are still confuse whether to be sad for our long gone freedom or celebrate to be happy by keeping ourselves at home. Some people are quoting its a good way to know yourself someContinue reading “Are you also freaking out?”

3 Days–3 Quotes – Day 1

I was nominated for the “3 Days – 3 Quotes” challenge by Fateema who owns a beautiful blog with name “Journal of a muslima“.  Thank you so much sister for inviting me . Here are the rules: 1) Thank the person who nominated you. 2) Post a quote each day for 3 days. 3) Each dayContinue reading “3 Days–3 Quotes – Day 1”

Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Life is full of amazing stories and small small miracles…Ya that’s what I believe. Every day is like a journey…sometimes you just end up in the same path and sometimes you get a chance to see something new from your almighty Allah swt… Allah reveals its magic in different ways and same I found whenContinue reading “Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)”

Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai

Ajab dastur hai duniya ka mere yaro.. Kisi ko khushi milti hai kisi ko gum milta hai Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai   Mehendi pisti hai to haatho ko lal karti hai Bati jal jal kar hi to diye ko roshan karti hai   Kahin tujhe pisna bhi padega Kahin tujheContinue reading “Duniya me sab ko sab kuch nahi milta hai”

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