Teri yaadon ka safar

meri har karwat me teri khushbu meri har baat me teri baatein meri aahon me tere naam ka sukoon mere har waqt me tere aane ki aahatein teri mohabbat ka dard halka kadwa halka pyaara…………………………….. teri yaadoon ka ye safar ajab hai yaara      

Jabse dilbar tera deedar kiya hai maine

teri zulfu ki, teri marmari bahon ki kasam teri in surmai aakhon ki, nighaon ki kasam teri dhadkano ki machalti hui aahon ki kasam               teri har baat ka ikraar kiya hai maine                            jabse dilbar teraContinue reading “Jabse dilbar tera deedar kiya hai maine”

kabhi kabhi mere dil me

kabhi kabhi mere dil me ye khayal aata hai… mere rab ne jab mujh ko banaya hoga meri dhadkano ko tere naam se dhadkaya hoga fir teri amanat bana  jab bheja hoga duniya me saanso ko teri bhi  mere naam se fir mehkaya hoga tu tej behta hua samandar ho jaise meri baahen tera kinaraContinue reading “kabhi kabhi mere dil me”

Ye Abu Bakr ho tum al-siddiq…

It’s really so emotional to read anything related to sahabas (companions of Muhammed saw). I totally get emotional. This poem of mine is a small tribute to Hazarat Abu Bakr (r.a). What a great man he was. I know my words can’t explain his devotion but still a small try.   Meri aakhen ab namContinue reading “Ye Abu Bakr ho tum al-siddiq…”

I’m proud of her.

Pregnancy time is so much joyful as well as painful period for any women. My pregnancy was more of painful experience especially last 3 months. In end of 7th month I got hospitalized twice because of my high acidity issue which had resulted in severe vomiting. Doctors were unable to stop it.My parents were busyContinue reading “I’m proud of her.”

Ramdhan Mubarak (Happy Ramdhan)

(Check for the English translation below. I’m not good in English rhyme, just tried to write so please bear with me :). My main intention is to let everybody get my message written in my poetry.)   Kya khushnama bahara hai Ummido se bhara dil hamara hai Chalo ae momin rab ki janib Ki ramdhanContinue reading “Ramdhan Mubarak (Happy Ramdhan)”

The Free Style Writing Challenge!

I have been nominated for a very interesting writing challenge “The Free Style Writing” by a wonderful blogger the indian reverted muslimah . I just love her blog. It’s beautiful and inspiring. The concept of free style writing revolves around the central idea of putting down words that may or may not relate to a particularContinue reading “The Free Style Writing Challenge!”

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