Lets define a best day…

How one should define a best day? I’m sure everyone will have a different answer. Some may point out to adventurous trip…someone will say relaxation…and the list is longgg. Well if you will ask me that how would I define a best day….then my answer would be this- sitting calmly, relaxing your mind, no tensionsContinue reading “Lets define a best day…”

Tera meri zindagi me yun ana (The way you have come in my life)

Check for the english translation below…:)  tera meri zindagi me yun ana Ittefaq to nahi hai Mere dil ka tujh pe yun ana Ittefaq to nahi hai   Maine nek humsafar tha manga Tu meri duao ka asar hai Maine mohabbat bhara dil tha manga Tu meri chahat ka asar hai   Shayad kuch nekiyanContinue reading “Tera meri zindagi me yun ana (The way you have come in my life)”

Sach kya ajab hai ye rishta tera mera

Sach kya ajab hai ye rishta tera mera Ki gaflat bhi tujh se Fir mohabbat bhi tujh se pal me nafrat bhi tujh se Fir pal me chahat bhi tujh se   Meri subah ki roshni bhi tujh se Meri raton ki chandni bhi tujhse Mera roothna bhi tujhse Fir bikhar kar sambhalna bhi tujhseContinue reading “Sach kya ajab hai ye rishta tera mera”

Small Step…Big Results

It’s very true to say that a women takes rebirth when she becomes a mother. As she herself starts exploring and learning many things.After becoming mother I have become too conscious about my every move. Off course being a Muslim I have only one dream that my child becomes best Mumin. May Allah fulfill myContinue reading “Small Step…Big Results”

beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni

Ya Allah… beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni Mohabbat se bhari baaten kitni Tujhe jo chahe fir chahe kyun kuch aur Beshak tere ishq me hai barkat itni…   Tune kaha kar mere bando se mohabbat Garibo ki madad karna, bana apni tu aadat ho agar koi bimar,to usse tu milna har chhoti cheez meContinue reading “beshak hain teri raahen aasan itni”

A sorry to “Mother”

No one can deny the fact that in this universe many things keeps on changing but what does not change is the unconditional love of our parents Subhanallah and among them also love of mother is the most prominent one. What a beautiful heart my Allah has created for mother …Subhanallah… Off course no oneContinue reading “A sorry to “Mother””

Miracles of Allah swt in my life

  I don’t know how to start with this topic because there are so many miracles of Allah swt which can’t be listed down in few words or pages….but will try… Some miracles you see happening with you and some happens in your surroundings. Some are so small to notice but Yes definitely changes ourContinue reading “Miracles of Allah swt in my life”

wird karta hi raha… wird karta hi raha

hai mera imaan tu hai ‘Kareem’ tu hai “Azeem”…tu hi “Malik” tu hi “Rehman o Raheem”  teri hi hamd karte hain ye aasman aur ye zameen   tera naam le lekar mai aage badhta hi raha wird karta hi raha… wird karta hi raha   jab bhi mangi hai dua tune wo mujhko diya meriContinue reading “wird karta hi raha… wird karta hi raha”

Beshak dono jahan me nahi mere aaka sa koi…

  Beshak dono jahan me nahi mere aaka sa koi Beshak hai sabse pak mere aaka ki sarzameen   Jise pana ho dil me sukoon ka maza Pakad le daman mere aaka ka zara.. Fir dekh zindagi me rukh badlega kaise Bus chal to sahi rahe haq par zara   Beshak dono jahan me nahiContinue reading “Beshak dono jahan me nahi mere aaka sa koi…”

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