Feel your Al-Khaliq (The Creator)

Life is full of amazing stories and small small miracles…Ya that’s what I believe. Every day is like a journey…sometimes you just end up in the same path and sometimes you get a chance to see something new from your almighty Allah swt…

Allah reveals its magic in different ways and same I found when my mother got ill. We had already changed so many doctors but were not getting any good results. Then one night it just ticked to us to give her “Aabe zamzam” so that she could get some relief…I know we would have given her Aabe zamzam much before but you know we all have started believing so called “doctors” so much that we just forget our creator Allah swt. I Hope that this will not be the case next time . After this we recited following dua:

dua +physical

Read this dua friend when you are in any physical pain. You will get relief In Sha Allah. I don’t know how much relief she got as she was not in the state to explain. But no doubt she would have got. But what amazed me more that the very next day we found a good doctor…Allahumdullilah….he got her x-ray out . He catched the right issue and started medicine as per that. Wow….just look at this friends that how the dua and Aabe zamzam created magic or in short I would say when you ask anything from Allah (it includes a small relief as well) he creates ways through doctor, friends etc…SubhanAllah. We just need to feel them.

From this whole incident I just want to convey one message – start feeling the presence of Al-Khaliq (The Creator) in each and every work.You will feel relax In sha Allah. The above incident is just a small snapshot from my life but I really like to share Allah’s miracle small or big with all the people …its like you are talking about the love showered on you by some dearest companion. Try to do it …it gives immense pleasure…Allahumdullilah…

I end up this with dua that “May Allah keep showering his blessings on each one of us and increase our hold on:






Small Step…Big Results


It’s very true to say that a women takes rebirth when she becomes a mother. As she herself starts exploring and learning many things.After becoming mother I have become too conscious about my every move. Off course being a Muslim I have only one dream that my child becomes best Mumin. May Allah fulfill my dream.

With my daughter I found stories impacts her ….so I have become a story teller now 🙂  . Sometimes I pick up stories of sahaba, Prophets, character and working of prophet saaw wives. As she loves animals so sometimes I do include birds and animals in my stories and try to convey Allah messages thru it. Really in this whole process I too have learnt a lot as daily I dig books, blogs, and websites to learn something new. And WordPress blogs is really playing a vital role in this and I’m thankful to Allah swt for showing me such wonderful blogs.

Mostly small children get attracted towards doll and teddy bears and with the blessings of Allah swt thru story I have been succeeded in convincing my 3 year old daughter that how harmful these are as it won’t allow the sweet farishte (angel) to enter our home.  And yeppy she has understood but her demands for other toys has increased 😦 but until or unless she is doing things as per shariah I don’t have any issues. At present I’m in the process of teaching her Allah swt 99 names. I try to make her learn few of the names every day. And daily when I start something new I feel she would have forgotten earlier names but Allah swt surprises me every time…she remembers everything…Wow..Allah has given immense power to small children. May Allah swt reward us the same.

Now I’m trying to start with some craft work which will help her in culminating good habits in her…If any of you has ideas please share with me that what all I can do or make with her….I think these all are small step which we as a parent take up and yes Allah swt gives big results out of it.


A sorry to “Mother”


No one can deny the fact that in this universe many things keeps on changing but what does not change is the unconditional love of our parents Subhanallah and among them also love of mother is the most prominent one. What a beautiful heart my Allah has created for mother …Subhanallah…

Off course no one can understand the feelings of a mother until or unless we ourselves attain that position. And I’m also not an exception. After becoming mother, each and every day I put myself in the shoes of my mother and realize the struggles she would have gone thru while taking care of me and my siblings. What an immense power my almighty has provided to a mother..Allahu Akbar…I really thank him for giving me this position where heaven lies below my feet…WOW…:)

But I do regret days when I had hurt my mother. It really brings tears to me. I want to share one experience with you all. I had attended an Ijtema (Islamic congregation) of 5 days. There on second day we all had to say sorry to our mothers for our ill-mannered behavior ever we would have done with her. Oh friends! It was hard very hard…I was mugging up dialogues which I will say to her…I was not getting strength…her whole pity face had started picturing in front of me…I was feeling shameful…I cried to Allah and asked for the strength and promised not to hurt her in anyway afterwards….I said to Allah “Oh Allah! It’s so easy to say sorry to you but it’s so hard to say sorry to my mother…I can’t face her.

Next day I just sat with my mother but I was unable to control my tears….my mother asked what happened to me? but my throat chocked up and words were not coming out…at last with lots of struggle I said sorry to her …she did not say anything and was just crying…my heart was pounding…tears were flowing …there was a hope…there was a fear…and in my heart I was continuously making dua.. “Oh my Allah! I make dua that my mother forgives me”…and somewhere I knew she has.. after all she has got “Heart of a mother”. When we all gathered again in ijtema, we discussed our confession with our mother and it was a surprise to know that everyone had faced same issues. But somewhere we were relaxed because we all knew our mother’s will forgive us and today Allah swt will be happy as we comforted the heart of our heaven ..:)

This whole incident forced me to think that if it’s too hard to say sorry face to face to anybody in this world then after doing so many sins how much it would be difficult to say sorry to our all mighty on the day of our judgement. Oh that’s gives me goose bumps. Let’s do tauba before its too late….lets say sorry to all those whom we would have hurt knowingly or unknowingly…lets make our Allah swt happy…lets pray for his blessings …his immense love…