Fir sham dhali…

Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai


Tujhse bichde hue Barso hue
 par dil me ab bhi tu chhai hai


Tujh ko kya khabar kya hua hai mujhe
Jaise tuta parinda ho koi bina par k


Bol mai kaise udhun
Bol mai kahan chalun
Tune na di koi manzil hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai


Kyun tujh se koi me shikwa karun
Kyun apna haal bayan me karun


Tu dhokha hai sanam
Tu bewafa hai sanam
Tu hi to mera katil hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai..


Meri zindagi jaise, gam ka koi saaya ho
Behta hua pani ho jaise, na jiska koi kinara ho


Bus me behta chalun
Aur bikharta chalun
Jeene ki na khawahish hai


Fir sham dhali
Fir din hai hua
Fir teri yaad ayi hai..

Zuban kholun bhi to…

Zuban kholun bhi to, bolun to main kya unko bolun
Log kehte hain, mehbub aakhon ki baten samajh jate hain


Wo paas rehkar bhi dur kyun itna lagta hai
use itna chahakar bhi, hum uski judai se bikhar jate hain


Meri wafa k ashk tapakne se pehle rok lena tum
armaan jo aasun me beh gaye wo kahan fir mil pate hain


Badi tawazzo se banata hai mera rab jodiyan sabki
Jo sang uski raah na chal paye, wo yahi miiti me mil jate hain


Dua bus itni hai ki, mera rab tujhe mera taqdeer bana de
Jo duao se mile humdum, wo Jannat me bhi bichad nahi pate hain

behisab mohabbat…

Hey friends its time for something romantic…Hu La Laaaa 🙂 Its dedicated to all who are really waiting for their prince charming (or princess) to arrive. I hope you will enjoy the emotions.

marriage quote

Tujh se hi hai behisab mohabbat
Tujh se hi dil ki lagi kasak hai
Tu hi hai mere dil ka rehbar
Meri sanso ko sirf teri talab hai


Meri khoi khoi aakhon ne
Khawab tere hi bus hain dekhen
Tu raaton ki chandni hai
Tu subah ki roshni hai
Tu hi to hai mera sarmaya
Tu hi to mera falak hai


Tujhse mili nahi hun me ab tak
Par dhadkanen tujh ko hi pukarti hain
Tu mere khuda ka hai ek tohfa
Meri aarzu tujh ko niharti hain
Tujh se hi pura mera wajud hoga
Tujh se mera adha deen pura hoga..


Tujh se hai behisab mohabbat
Tujh se hi dil ki lagi kasak hai
Tu hi hai mere dil ka rehbar
Meri sanso ko sirf teri talab hai

I’m concerned Part II

quran-teacher-2Assalamu alaikum friends. Ahh posting after a long time. I know you all would be thinking that few days back only you cheked out my new post. Oh that I did because of “AWARD” thing and also for sisterhood love.Now todays post is more like an escape from my laziness. This laziness is killing me and taking me away from writting anything. But don’t worry I’m becoming a good reader of others blog. Afterall you all also need good reader. (Hehhee. Just joking).

Ok Jokes apart. Get into a serious mood. In one of my post I had discussed about how our society tends to ignore giving fees to Islamic teachers (I’m concern). Now that was only one part of the story. Another is more serious. Islamic teachers especially who take up the responsibility of teaching Quran don’t pay attention to tajweed (pronunciation) at all. There are very few teachers whom I have come across are actually telling there student that whats the right way to pronounce alphabet of Arabic. The saddest story has happened with me too. I’m ashamed in saying that I don’t know proper pronunciation of arbi and for this circumstances I blame my Quran sir. Because whatever he taught we thought that’s the right way. But to my goodness, at this stage of my life I have come to know that I actually read whole Quran in wrong way. May Allah accept my Quran ibadat.  I’m not here to discuss my short comings but wallahi I’m not only the case of such situation. There are so many people struggling with the same. I could pick up from my grandmother to my current generation. Not to mention Allah is going to judge everybody in aakhirat (judgement day). May Allah accept our good intentions.

Also such teachers are famous for their strictness. Some teachers take up the offensive way of teaching Quran i.e. “beating”.  They should understand that beating neither fills love nor fear in heart. It fills up hatred. Islam is full of love and its teacher’s responsibility to fill love in their student heart. Don’t forget that we all will be questioned for our responsibilities.

In my own family there are so many boys who stopped hifz of Quran (to learn whole Quran) because of this beating culture in madarssa (school where Islam is taught). Strictness is important but we need to understand its limit. Power does not make a person famous until we add good manners in it. Friends we really need to change our society. Let’s make coming generation free of this tajweed issue. Lets use technology like app, blogs, websites to learn proper tajweed and teach the same to your children, cousin, sister, mom, dad ect. Let’s make ourselves and our children a good teacher. Let’s help each other.

I end this post with this dua –“ May Allah make us firm in our deen path. May Allah opens his doors and accept our good deeds” . Ameen.


One Lovely Blog Award..

I have been nominated by wonderful blogger Sana for this award . Her blog is really inspiring. Thanks Sana for this platform where I got an opportunity to share about myself with my readers.
Here goes 7 facts about me:
  1. I look serious kinda girl but when it comes to laughing then believe me I could laugh on any joke. In fact sometimes I get out of control and my eyes become teary which really confuses people that whether I’m crying or laughing. 🙂
  2. I don’t like messy home so even if I find that bed-sheet in my house is not properly placed then my brain starts to irritate me. (Should I tell you one secret- this irritation started only after my marriage. Pre marriage I was the culprit in making my home dirty. Hehhee).
  3. I’m a damn romantic person. And I don’t believe in the concept of “Boys should only give surprises or initiate in proposing”. I really believe that it should be mutual. Happiness should not depend on anybody. If you want to be happy then go ahead and grab the opportunity.
  4. I like to watch cartoon. I can’t list out any favorites because I love all except those having too much of fighting.
  5. I’m crazy for checking out different types of recipe. Excuse me I’m talking about tasting not cooking 😉 Whenever I go out I try to order something new.
  6. I don’t like novels full of suspense. I could watch suspense movies but not the technical kind of where I have to use my brain. Movies means entertainment and if I have to use my brain then whats the use of movies 🙂
  7. I can’t stick to one thing especially in hobbies. I want to learn and enjoy every hobby but ya sports are an exceptional thing.
Now as per rule I have to nominate 7 bloggers. But I would like you all to participate in it. In sha allah you will enjoy it. You can post your points in comments or link up your new post.
Check out the rules below:
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Mai insaan dhundta hun (I’m finding a human being)

sahaba messagemai apne andhero me teri
roshni ka chirag dhundhta hun
ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me
teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun


kahin goliyan hai chalti
kahin dhamako ka hai dar
kahin apno ki padi hain lashen
kahin khud ko bachane ka hai dar
in gardisho se bhari awazo me
mere Allah mai teri azaan dhundhta hun
ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me
teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun


na aasman se hai shikayat
na nadio se khauf hai
mujhe insaan se hai dar lagta
mujhe har insaan ki niyat se khauf hai
kahin kho gaya hai insan
mere Allah mai wo insan dhundhta hun
ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me
teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun


jo waqt kho diya hai maine
uspe rona bhi nahi hai ata
dil pathar hue hain sabke
ab koi dard dil ko chu k nahi hai jata
is pather bane hue dilo me
mere Allah Muhammed Muhammed sallahu aliah wasaalamsa dil dhunta hun
ye mere Allah mai apni gunaho me
teri rehmat ki panah dhunta hun

I’m concerned.


Nowadays we talk so much about politics, terrorism, security, etc that these topics are actually shadowing the basic issues which we are facing in our society. And among all, one thing which really annoys me is the fee to a tutor. I’m not talking about general or subjective tutions. Rather I’m more concerned about the fees which we pay to a tutor of “Quran”.

Friends I’m not aware about other countries but the trend in my country towards these teachers is really not so human. We are ready to pay thousands and thousands bucks to an English teacher, maths or science teacher but when it comes to the payment of a “Quran” tutor we start making excuses. Excuses like “Oh there should not be any fees for teaching Quran”, “Quran teacher should not ask for money” and if by chance Quran tutor openly ask his fees then we start using bad words for him  Astagfirullah.

I agree that there should not be any fees for teaching Quran. It’s obligatory on every Muslim to read and teach others. But for some people its there livelihood. Some Quran tutor struggles so much to take care of there family. They are forced to do two different kind of jobs to provide bread and butter to there family. Just because they know the kind of fees which we pay to him is not all sufficient. Friends we really need to put ourselves in there shoes and see the situation.  I strongly feel that insufficient income through Quran teaching is one of the reasons that parents or in fact children themselves don’t want to get an Islamic degree. I know it’s sad but that’s what our mentality is becoming. We are running more towards materialistic world and forgetting our deen. Let’s stop this tradition. If we are really want to make a change in our society let’s start supporting such great teachers, scholars. Let’s teach our children more about Quran. Let’s pray Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to increase our children as well as our knowledge in Quran. Let’s start helping each other in any ways and teach the same to our coming generation.