liebster2I got nominated for this beautiful award by identity17. I really love the way she puts her words in poetry. Thanks for the nomination.

Lets discuss Liebster now:

Okay so first off, what exactly is it about? Just like every other award on WordPress, the Liebster Award is a way of showing appreciation, connecting with and getting to know one another better. After getting nominated if you choose to accept the award you have to answer some questions given to you by the person who nominated you, share some facts about yourself and then nominate other bloggers who you think deserve the award.

The Rules!
– Insert the liebster award logo in your post
– Thank and link those who nominated you
– (After reading the official rules) You also have to reveal 11 interesting facts about yourself! lol
– Answer the questions designated by the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate up to 11 other new bloggers with less than 100 followers
– Ask 11 questions of your own to your nominees that they have to answer
– Notify your nominees about The Liebster Award
– Include instructions of the process in your post

I think it’s okay if you don’t follow all the rules though, like the less-than-100-followers rule. Just pick ALL your favourite blogs!

Now 11 facts about me:

  1. I’m extremely trustful when it comes to hiding secrets of others or of myself.
  2. I just love to laugh. I know you would be thinking it’s a good habbit but don’t be in wrong impression because I start laughing even when I’m angry. Awww J and then people take me for granted. 😦
  3. I can’t stick to one hobby. Just keep on hoping from one to another. So basically I’m jack of many things but master of none. 😦
  4. I’m so sensitive. Now this sensitivity relates to my nature as well as to my body parts. So any new trail on my face is strict “No No” to me. Even beautician thinks twice before putting any face pack to me. Lol.
  5. I’m shopolic for buying things for others. Ya I know strange for a girl but that’s true. I don’t like doing shopping for myself but love to buy things for others.
  6. I’m very foodie. Could go to any far place to try a new dish. So friends invite me to your favourite foodie place J.
  7. I’m an easy go and happy go kind of person.
  8. In free time I like to use my time by sleeping. Hehehee.
  9. I do toooo much of thinking.
  10. I don’t like to do research work. I’m a quick learner but sorry you need to personally teach me else forget it that I will go for personally digging into the basic of that work.
  11. Biggest fact is I “was” damn pessimist. But Alhaumdullilah trying to overcome this aspect as Allah says only non beleivers are pessimist and Alhamdullilah He has made me a believer so how could I think against his teachings.

Now ANS to Questions:

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you?

Ans- When my hubby dedicated a song to me in a public place. J I know it’s more of romantic kinda but for me it was crazy thing as I was not expecting anything like that at a tourist place. It had happened at a park (which is a tourist place) wherein a local singer was singning songs . My hubby personally went to him and requested him to sing a song for me and told him to dedicate it to me.

What do you do when you get angry?

Ans- Actually angerness comes out in different style at different people. Lol. Like with my hubby I could go on saying bla blaaaaa. But with my parents I try to control. And sometimes when I really don’t want shaitan to take on me then I simply close my eyes and start thinking that I’m throwing out plates, cup etc in my room. Hehee. Sounds starnge but it works. Really it cools down my anger.

Are you a stay at home person or would you rather be out and exploring?

Ans- I like to go out and explore things especially when it comes to food. I’m ready to go anywhere

If you could do the one thing that could potentially change the world, what would it be?

Ans-In today’s world, peace is the biggest required thing. I would like to teach real Islam to people. The love which it pours. Sahabas knew the taste of peace and that’s why they scrafised their life to retain the essence of Islam. When we submit ourself to almighty automatically peace comes to you. May Allah give me a chance to do it and may he protect human beings from disaster.

Who’s your favorite famous person? Dead and alive.

Ans- Offcourse my vote would go to Muhammed sallahu alaiyah wassalam and after him Hazrat Abu Bakr. I would love to become a trustworthy friend like him, would love to scrafise all things for the sake of Allah like he did. In alive it’s my parents. Even though they are not famous but they are celebrity in my life. The hardwork which my father did and sacrifices which my mother did to give us a good life can not be compared with anybody

Would you rather sweet or savoury?

Ans-Oh I’m savoury. I’m very choosy in sweets.

What’s the one quality you like and dislike?

Ans- This is bit confusing. I mean quality about me or others. If its others then I like people with good sense of humuor as with them you forget your pain. And I really don’t like people who go on showing off their qualities to the world pretending that they are the “Best” in every manner.

What is one thing you’d like to be better at?

Ans- Hmm…there are so many things. Lol. But one thing would be to get up early. Seriously I find it too difficult. I just love to sleep at anytime. I’m sleepoholic 😉

Do you prefer sleeping in or waking up early?

Ans- Hahaa.As I told above I could sleep at anytime anywhere. So waking up early is not my cup of tea.

Where are you from? (Completely optional)

Ans- Well I’m your neighbor 🙂 sharing almost same historic monuments, Mughal emperors, culture, language ect. Yep baby I’m from India.

Do you like animals?

Ans- Animals Awww…as a pet No No. I like them from far away. But my daughter love animals very much so I think now I have to start loving them as pet as well.

Now here goes my nominees:

Pink whispers– She has got a inspiring blog and you could also peek into latest jewelleries thru her blog 🙂

Saiz–  He pours his thoughts amazingly in Quotation or converstaion form.

Imran Ali– He does not fear in challenging society thru his words. Amazing writer.

nooryak– I just love the way she decsribes her quotes. Her snaps do much justice with her quotes. h

Ramdhan addict– A person who has been stayed in different parts of the world and her writing reflects the same.

Alif Lam Mim– He describes Islam in different way. gives you point to put up to other religion in support of Islam. His posts are lengthy but informative.

Ankit– He writes simple but enjoyable posts.

A muslim traveller– His posts have really given me an oppurtunity to peek into different ISlamic states. Check out his blog to get a glimpse of beautiful saudi, pakistan ect.

Muslim– He is a revert to Islam . Check out his blog to get his islamic views, feelings ect.

mahdieassa– Oh I wait for his post everytime. He describes Quran verses in beautiful way. And with each name of Allah he pours his love.

A growing Muslimah– She describes her thoughts towards Islam so beautifully.

Here goes yoir questions:

  1. Explain meaning of your name?
  2. If got a chance to live in any other part of the world which it would be and Why?
  3. Why blogging?
  4. Best thing about blogging?
  5. Your adventurous idea?
  6. Any Quranic quote which really affects you? (For non muslim write any quote which you really like)
  7. Are you chocoholic or shopoholic?
  8. Your one hobby which really switches you on?
  9. Your idea of motivating people?
  10. Your favourite dish?
  11. Anything which really switches you off?

I hope you accept the award and have fun with it. I think I’ve nominated some who’ve been nominated before, but if you’d like to only answer the questions that would be great

Published by farheen siddiqui

Hey friends,myself Farheen Siddiqui, by profession I'm a Software Quality Analyst. Apart from my job I just love to try my hands on different hobbies. But writing poems, gazals, hamd and naat is my fav hobby. I hope that my emotions poured in poems etc will get connected somewhere with your emotions too and if it gets connected then do post your comment.

16 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD…

  1. That was so good! I loved it!
    Haha we share a quality then – being trustworthy 😀
    Thanks for doing that, I get to know you better 🙂
    And jazakallah for your kind words about my blog. Stay happy and blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jazak Allah khair…
    aah those conversations..I’m so glad you liked them.
    I’m so happy for my first nomination. And that too grabbing second in the list.
    Don’t tell me the serial doesn’t count! Please don’t! :0 😀
    And please be assured you are going to be in my list.
    Don’t mind the serial number though. 😛


  3. Great post sister!
    I totally loved your answers, so beautifully phrased! I really enjoyed reading your reflections, how you see yourself. Specially loved the paragraph about “peace”, it was just perfect!
    I love food as well, every type of food but indian food is so rich, Actually I would love to go to India someday! I’m glad I met another indian sister here (i’m not indian but you are a lot on WordPress masha’Allah).
    May Allah protect you


    1. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed reading it. Jazakillahu khair for your appreciation sis. Ohh food is my weakness. You are very much welcome to India. You know once India was going crazy to learn french and spanish. Hahaaa. I too wanted to learn it. But was too small to learn a new language. may through blogs it becomes opportunity to learn each others language. In sha allah


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